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The Big $2.20

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  • The Big $2.20

    I only just noticed my c-bet was so small, must've been a misclick? Don't think my brain is working.. Is that all I did wrong here? I got lost on this one. No reads or stats I'm afraid.
    Last edited by Fadyen; Wed Feb 27, 2013, 07:39 AM.

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    Hi Fadyen,

    I found out that in these tournaments people plays very loose, so maybe its a good option to tight up a little and pass this hand. On the flop id choose to cbet bigger as u said, and think the villan noticed your weakness and could be on a hand like 44 to TT, or a flush draw. I think you can call on the turn since there still are a lot of weaker hands in his range.


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      Hey Fadyen

      I like coming in for a raise too especially as there is only one reshove stack behind you which is 'stefan130'. The other 2 shorty's we are calling so we don't have to worry about those.

      Post flop I too would cbet, your sizing is small and you will find that when we bet this small we will be played back at more often than if we bet a standard amount like half the size of the pot.

      This is a relatively tough spot but with considering that we have no reads I'm gonna go with this hand. We started the hand with 23 big blinds and Villain could be bluff raising us with air hands or legit draws or even medium pairs that he thinks is good so for that reason I'm going to shove it all in over the top of his raise. I prefer shoving it all in rather than just calling his raise because there are a lot of turn cards that are bad for us, any spade or overcard will have us quivering and we are going to be left with less than a pot sized bet which is going to make it difficult to get to a showdown without playing for the rest of our stack.

      As played I'm not folding to his turn bet. He's betting small enough which gives us some fold equity.

      Cheers, Chris


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        Thanks Chris. As I say I was a bit tired and just made a mess of it. I think my main misstep was the weak c-bet, a bigger one would have made it a more straight forward spot. Although in the end things turned out ok as I finished 56th out of over 4300 runners. Short of the good money but still a confidence boost.

        Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

        Bracelet Winner



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