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$1 45man

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  • $1 45man

    i know was so lucky but was it right to push all in?

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    Last edited by hendo30; Sat Feb 23, 2013, 04:45 AM.


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      Hi Hendo,

      Preflop I would probably fold this hand. From the button or cutoff we could call. Reason being from the BB we are out of position which makes it hard to maximise profit when we hit our hand.

      On the flop this out of position problem becomes apparent. Do we check to the raiser and hope he raises? Or do we donk bet into 3 other players on this flop and look strong?

      I think with 3 players to act and the raiser being the next person I would probably check and hope the raiser or the last to act will raise for us and then check raise them. A read that one of them was a little on the aggressive side would help.

      If we donk bet (bet into the preflop raiser) then I would make it half the pot. I think moving in means we will lose all our action most of the time, only thing going for it is it does look pretty bluffy. But both those hands should fold to your raise if they had any sense.

      Crazy hand.

      Btw you didn't get lucky you had the best hand when the chips went in.


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        I don't mind the call but hands like these can get you into so much trouble and as Andy says it's probably wiser just to fold pre flop and then you won't have those decisions to make.

        Nice flop for you, against tricky opponents and players who can think then I'm taking Andy's approach but at micro stakes then I'm pot betting that flop for a few reasons. Players at micro stakes can't fold and they chase without odds. By pot betting you don't give them odds and also charge a premium for your holdings.

        With so many limpers in this hand they can have any combination. Sets, flush draws, top pair and 2 pair all could be out there. Charge a premium as all those hand types above can and will call. I don't mind getting our chips all in here but only after a pot raise and to a 3 or 4 bet. I can then make my decision on whether to get my chips all in depending on my opponents and reads. Playing it this way will win us more chips long term but can also lose us less chips in the rare occasions we can work out we're behind.

        With the turn card making a higher flush possible then I'm putting the brakes on. I can get away from this hand and save my tournament life.

        We got our chips in ahead in this instance so that's good but it's not a long term +ev play. This brings me back to my starting hand selection. Hands like this can be profitable if played in the right way. Work on your basics first before throwing hands like this into the mix. As Andy says position is so important so I'd work on that before trying to play hands like this out of position. The small blind and big blind should be the spots where you lose most chips. Just fold pre flop here and save yourself for better spots.
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          thanks for the advice guys much appreciated!



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