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$0.50c Turbo 45 man - Standard?

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  • $0.50c Turbo 45 man - Standard?

    I'm asking this because I am slowly losing faith in my judgement.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I decided to isolate the all-in of the extreme short stack. It seemed like a logical move to me at the time. I have a decent suited ace, I am in late position, and I am not deep stacked. I keep making shoves similar to this, sometimes from earlier position with higher aces, but the result doesnt change. I get beat. Is the shove here the right play? Could I have called and folded to the buttons likely shove after me? Should it have been a fold instead with two behind me to act? I dunno if my game has changed recently but I feel like I am making bad choices. Views?
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    Hey bhoy, This is absolutely a shove here. Under 10bb in the CO with a 1.5bb shove in front of us, isolating the short stack is definitely the play to make. You were unlucky for the BTN to wake up with a hand here. Just calling the shove then folding if shoved on would be a terrible play, even worse than just folding straight up (also pretty bad) This deep in the tourney and blinds so high you cant pass up such massively +EV situations like this one, so well played. If you are doubting your play in general be sure to watch videos and review your play (and post hands to HA :P ) Good luck, Barbzz umbup:


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      Hi bhoylegend,

      Absolutely the correct play here. Not much else to say.

      It would also be an open shove if the short stack hadn't raised and it would've played out the same way.

      Just got to be lucky to ride out the turbos


      Quad Bracelet Winner



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