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Such a STUPID play I made

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  • Such a STUPID play I made

    *Sigh.* It's times like these that you think that you're not smart enough to play poker.

    Last Monday, I was playing in a $60 tournament at my local casino. I had been having a pretty good day - despite my average stack, I had won some big pots, and was doing fairly well running-wise. But then this happened.

    The blinds had just gone up to 500/1000, and I had about $14000 left (from a starting $6000). I was in the big blind with K-3o. Someone raises to $2800.

    Now think about this - how often have you seen someone raise to 2.8x BB pre-flop? A min-raise, 3x bb, 2.5x bb, those are all common, but 2.8? Because of this, I immediately assumed that he was a short-stack who was shoving (there were a lot of 6 bb stacks and shorter at the table). So I called.

    I didn't realize until just after I stood up that he wasn't all-in - he wasn't even close. He had at least 20,000 behind him. Worse, I had just sent a huge multitude of tells BECAUSE I had thought he was all-in. I stood up, which I hadn't done previously; I had taken off my sunglasses, when I usually only did so when I was out of a hand; and worst of all, I had said OUT LOUD "You're probably ahead, but it's the right odds - I call."

    What's worse, the flop was actually decent for K-3o, all things considered - 2 4 5 (I seem to recall rainbow suits). So I check-raised him all-in, which I shouldn't have done - I should have either folded entirely or donk-bet shoved to maximize fold equity. Instead, my check-raise shove gave him the right odds to call with A-Js, and I didn't hit a single one of my 10 outs.

    I just... ugh, I feel so STUPID for not at least asking if he was all-in...
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    Hi Christxof!

    I've seen players raise about anything preflop. Some pull random numbers out of their heads, some try to use std amounts, some use whatever the table sets as the std amount. I've seen everything from a min raise to a 200+BB open-shove.

    Taking notice of everyone's stack size is one of the first things I do at a table, as it's something that I always want to keep track of.

    We're all going to do things at the table that we'll regret later. The key is to learn from them and to not make the same mistake twice.

    John (JWK24)

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      Hmmmm... let me see if I can make you feel less stupid.

      I was playing $1/$2 NL at the casino last year. Everybody involved in the hand had ~full stacks. Middle position is a good player, raising a lot. I get dealt TT under the gun and decide to go for a check-raise because I know he will raise my limp. So I limp, MP raises as expected to $12, folded to big blind who calls. I raise to $50 total. MP tanks for a bit and eventually folds.

      Here is where it gets kind of stupid. I was so focused on what he was going to do, I forgot BB was in the hand. The second MP folds I flip over my cards face up. I think everybody is stunned for about 2/3 of a second, then an older guy to my left realizes what I did and dives forward throwing his hands on top of my cards. I just proclaim out loud, "WOW that may be the stupidest thing I have ever done!"

      So everybody then glances over to the BB wondering if she saw my cards and what she was going to do. She looks really uncomfortable and a little confused and after taking a few seconds folds as well. I don't know if she saw my cards or not, but had she not folded I would have been in a lot of trouble.

      Had the pot not been heads up my cards would of been dead the second I flipped them. I was very lucky to not lose $50-$200 that hand.

      Feel any better?
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