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Qualifier skill league about 78/172 left

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  • Qualifier skill league about 78/172 left

    Hello. I get AKo in SB. 2 limpers join the action. I make a standard raise of 4,5 BB ( 2,5 BB + 1 BB / limper ) because I am out of position and have a good hand that I want to play. I get called by one player and I flop top pair top kicker and the the nut flush draw. So I decide to bet 50% of the pot because I don't need protection against the flush draw. He calls, turn is a 10. He could have hit his straight but I decide to bet again, this time a bit smaller than 50% of the pot so he would call. He raises, I call and the rest is history. I don't think I did anything wrong here, but I thought it would be a interesting hand to post and I could get some feedback in the case I am wrong. Thanks.

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    Hi unnamed,

    I like the pre flop play. And i like to cbet that board. When you reach the turn, you should bet more if you think you are ahead to get value; When he raises he puts you in a very tough spot, at least it would be tough for me, because he's been so passive and i feel most of the time this raise beats a one pair hand. Maybe you should have fold there.

    I think that you have to pay more attention to players and take notes of them, because that is what is going to make this decisions easier .

    Hope it helps!


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      heey unnamed i think yits just a litle bad luck. i think its a well played hand and i partly agree with guido here. i think your most of the time behind BUT you have to call 1000 tow win almost 8000 so i think you have to call here
      Triple Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks for the replies,

        I considered that when I made that bet on the turn, I was pot committed so there wouldn't be no folding from me at that point
        Regarding notes, I do take notes on players
        Last edited by unnamedone12; Thu Feb 21, 2013, 12:57 AM.


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          Hi unnamedone12,

          I think you've played the hand perfect and just got unlucky.

          On the turn I would consider myself committed. Either bet like you have or just move in, either way I think.

          I wouldn't ever be folding. I think villan could do it with a worse pair and flush draw even so I think your equity in the situation is fine.

          Worst case scenario you still have a redraw to the nuts.

          Just an unlucky cooler.

          Quad Bracelet Winner


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            Thanks for the reply Andy,

            I opted for the smaller bet on the turn trying to make him call with a weaker hand, perhaps a flush draw, or maybe even raise me with an weaker K, if he was putting me on a draw ...
            Last edited by unnamedone12; Thu Feb 21, 2013, 02:10 AM.



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