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Hubble Tournament - Pocket Queens

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  • Hubble Tournament - Pocket Queens

    Alright, I played the hubble Freeroll Tournament a moment ago and I had a pair of queens before the hand was even dealt the very aggressive player went all in I knew he had mediocre cards since he bluffed alot anyhow I went all in and I got a set of queens and the player with ESS and a SIX got a straight what are the odds of that anyhow I belive I played right but he got lucky I suppose what do you think?

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    The big blind is only 20, so your open raise to 300 is a huge overbet. I know you don't want multiple callers, but a raise to 120 would be sufficient in this situation.
    Stacking off against the aggressive player is fine, as you're only losing to KK+. Unfortunately, the guy with AT also called, so you've got to beat two players. Nevertheless, you got your money in good. You'll win this hand 57% of the time, while only putting in a third of the pot.

    Equity Win Tie
    Hero 57.14% 57.05% 0.09% { QQ }
    Vill 7 24.30% 24.21% 0.09% { ATo }
    Vill 1 18.56% 18.46% 0.09% { 88 }
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      Hi HentaiDesu! With QQ (or any other hand that I want to raise), I want to make a standard raise, which for this blind level for me is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With two limpers, I'll raise to 100. I don't want to size my bets higher with better hands and lower with lesser hands, as these types of bet tells are very common online and something that an observant opp will pick up on and exploit. There is then a call and a shove. Here is where a read on the opponent will come into play. Against a loose opp, I'm more than happy to get it in with QQ preflop, as they can have many, many worse hands. Against a very tight opp, this could be a fold, as I'd be up against QQ+, AK the overwhelming majority of the time. The other key here is that there is still an opp left to act. QQ plays much better against only one hand. If this were a league game, I'd be folding QQ here, but since this is a standard freeroll, the players can be very loose, so I'm going to call here. Against two loose opps (that would play a top 30% hand), I'm still a 56% favorite to triple-up, so it's definitely a +EV play. Even if one opp was tighter (top 10% hands), I'm still a 51% favorite to triple-up. With both of these scenarios making me the favorite to triple-up, in a freeroll, I'm more than willing to take this chance and will call. The big key in this hand though is to make standard raises. Bet tells are the largest online poker tells, so I want to avoid them whenever possible. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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