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Deep In Big 11

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  • Deep In Big 11

    After reviewing this hand which i played it bad and done the opposite that cost me to go deeper and give myself a shot at the FT. Best course of action. 1. Use position and semi-bluff the flop by leading out and represent the K 2. To extract more value and will looks stronger is to check and 3 bet when he leads. Any other option to play this hand is very welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Your stack size makes this interesting. Any bet, call, or raise on the flop commits you to stacking off with your draw, as you'll have less than a pot-sized bet remaining on the turn.
    Leading out for 40% of pot might get villain to fold. Check-raising all in should do the same, while winning an extra bet, but if he has a K, you'll be getting it in as an underdog.
    As you're the shortstack at the table, I think you should be aggressive and CRAI after villain's small c-bet. You're never in terrible shape if he calls (unless he has KK or 66, lol) and I think he'll fold anything worse than top pair, meaning you instantly add 100k to your stack.
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      With a little over 12 big blinds and a decent amount of fold with a very playable hand against what is likely to be a steal I feel like this is a perfect spot to shove all in pre flop to take down what's in the middle (35% ish of our stack) ! The risk/reward ratio here is fantastic and will work well often enough to make it profitable.

      Shoving or folding is definitely the best way to play this hand with this stack size and I would shove it more times than not, it's a pretty perfect spot for it. When we call with our 12 big blind stack we are going to be faced with all sorts of awkward decisions because our stack to pot ratio is so small, we will also be check/folding more often than not. It's very important to see our stack size from a big blind point of view rather than ' I have 200,000 chips so I can call point of view'.

      As played I think check/shoving is best. We have some fold equity and K66 isn't very likely to be good for him very often. When we call his c bet we are going to have less than a pot sized bet left on the turn which is gnarly. I like your bet on the river, we have every right to assume that we have the best hand. When we see his hand it's one of them 'DOH' moments! Unfortunate turn card!

      Nice run to make it that deep PINOY and better luck next time! Cheers, Chris.


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        Thanks Coach Chrisumbup: PH .



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