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45man SnG with ATo (BB) Vs Blind Steal Shove

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  • 45man SnG with ATo (BB) Vs Blind Steal Shove

    $1 NLHE 45man SNG - FT (8 players left) Background: Villain was jamming 'all in' virtually every button & SB when folded to him & I doubled up through him 2 or 3 times before FT against KTo, Q5o & JTs. Hero Hud Stats: VP 14, PFR 11, 3B 6, CB 100, 5BB, FCB 37 (140) Villain Hud Stats: VP 48, PFR 44, 3B 0, CB -, 26BB, FCB - (56) Even though I had doubled up through him it didn't appear to slow his play, so I thought ATo was ahead of his range a large percentage of the time to call his 'all in' Blind steal. Question: Right call or should I have waited for a better spot? (with only 5BB & one ppl left to go out before ITM)
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    Hey Prodigy This is a snap call here, just unlucky to run into the very top of his range (in his spot I would be shoving any two cards, the BB will probably fold a lot waiting for someone else to bust; even if the BB calls and I lose I still have a healthy stack and the chip lead). You are 8/8 in chips, so just waiting for someone else to bust isn't very appealing since the other short stacks can out last you if they chose to wait around as well, because the blinds hit you first. In this spot I would actually call this guys shove with any stack, say we had 10k and we double up, we have 20k and a dominant chip lead which we can use to abuse the bubble, especially with the short stacks in the blinds when we are in the steal positions. So right call umbup: it will work out better next time


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      The bubble situation gives some pause for thought, but you're super short and this villain has shown a willingness to get it in with hands that are much worse than AT, so it's a fairly easy call.
      (If you fold here, you've got the SB and ante to pay next hand, so will have just 3.7bb, so you can't afford to wait around for a pair).
      Bracelet Winner


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        Agreed... Thanks Barbzz & Arty, Also, if I win the hand I've got a 'reasonable' stack to start challenging for the top 3 places (... as not interested in min cashes in these). Prodigy umbup:
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          Hi Prodigy237,

          Interesting bubble spot.

          For me I think it would be a call because we are the shortest stack and should be well ahead of the SBs pushing range if they are aggressive and I expect they are from your read and their stack size and stats.

          If there were a couple of other shorter stacks around there might be an ICM argument for folding being more profitable, but I don't think it would be by much and I think we could still be ok to back our edge and try to the double up and attack a top 3 spot.



          I plugged it into ICMizer and got a pretty graph of your calling range here if the villian is pushing any 2 (which ICMizer also says they should be).
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            Thanks Andy, I appreciate your feedback (& graph). Ironically, I would have lost to Villain's 2 pair with KK, AK etc. Good to know that my decision / read was correct... & was a little unlucky to run into the top of his range. Prodigy umbup:
            Last edited by Prodigy237; Thu Feb 21, 2013, 08:18 PM.



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