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di i get maximum valleu here?

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  • di i get maximum valleu here?

    heey guys this is the second hand of the hot 3.30
    first of was my 3bet pre flop good or would you have just called.
    second would you have raise his flop bet. i didnt do that because people seem to like to donk bet fold allot. thought about it ind decided to just call so he might barrel the turn
    when he checks the turn now that im looking i should have bet like 530 here but yeah.
    would do you guys think of my riverbet. i personaly put him on a-10 kj aj and maybe k10 q10
    Last edited by adohole; Tue Feb 19, 2013, 01:44 PM.
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    I like the 3-bet because you'd prefer to be heads up than multiway with JJ, and sometimes you'll just scoop up the dead money without a flop.
    You flopped top set, so you're way ahead of whatever villain has, but he donked into you. He's probably doing this with a draw most of the time. KQ, for example, has an OESD and 2 overs. I'd be looking at this spot and thinking "I can win a stack here" (when I flop a set, I'm always trying to work out how to get my whole stack in without overbetting), so I'd usually be raising the flop, hoping villain will stack off.
    After just calling, I'd actually bet quite big on the turn. I don't think villain is folding a draw if you bet 70% of pot on the turn. And if he's on a draw that misses, he's never calling a river bet, so you have to try and get your value here. If it turns out he was weaker, with a hand like AT-QT, then betting smaller is fine.
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      Hi adohole.

      Definately 3 betting is the right move preflop. If we flat call the blinds are getting a good price and we can end up with a 4 way pot which is not good for JJ.

      Despite us having 2 of the Jacks I think this flop does connect well with the villans range, Tx, straight draws, gutshots etc. I would like a reraise here I think to 660.

      Calling on the flop, I'm not sure we see a 2nd barrel that often since we have two of the Jacks it's hard for him to have top apir. We are also hoping a straight card doesn't roll off.

      After he checks to you on the turn I think your two bets are good. I think 1/2 pot is good. You might be able to squeeze a few chips extra here or there. But I think the only way to get a heap more value would be on the flop.

      Well played I think


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