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Bigger 11 - KQs - Early stage and position

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  • Bigger 11 - KQs - Early stage and position

    This was 10 hands in and villian had been involved in 1 hand. He had raised AJo from mid pos. and bet all three streets JTJ 2 9. Is this a limp pre? Check turn?

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    Hey Ulric1551

    I think you made a good disciplined fold that not many players would make.

    Isolating the UTG limper with this hand is fine imo and I would of raised to exactly the same as you did '4x'.

    So we hit a good flop for our hand and it's likely that we are going to get action on this type of board as there are a lot of straight draws and Jx and some Kx that we will get called by but at the same time we don't want to bloat the pot so that we are forced to play for stacks so I would sometimes check it back for pot control and deception, pretty close here but I think that either betting or checking back is fine.

    I like your cbet on the flop it's a good amount and some players may frown on me for this but as played I would check back the turn and hope for blank river card. There is 1050 chips in the pot so if we bet the turn to say 500 'half the pot' and get called by one player then we will have a pot sized bet left on the river which will create an awkward situation if a bad card comes off. Even if the river card is a blank card I wouldn't feel comfortable shoving or even check calling a large bet, so without a solid read on these players I like to check back the turn for pot control, and yes I may be giving them a chance to draw out on me but if we bet and get called it will create a lot of tough spots where as if we check back and a scare card come off we can check/fold pretty easily as we've only committed a small percentage of our stack to the hand.

    As played I like your fold. Awesome flop for us and a neat turn card that doesn't improve many of villain 7's holding but getting it in at this blind level with TPTK 150 big blinds deep is huge variance, and without reads then I definitely like a fold. Good player's are very rarely ever getting it in with worse than TPTK at this stage of the tournament in a multi way pot so if you know that Villain 7 is a wining player then it's a straight forward fold. Villain 7 would play pocket 3's the same way and maybe even pocket Jacks/AK or some funky hand like J8s.

    Nice hand. Cheers, Chris.


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      thank you for the reply. overall, i was mostly happy with the way it was played, checking the turn would have been way better, i agree, since we didnt really need to lose that many chip so early in the game. thanks, ric



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