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slowplaying top pair

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  • slowplaying top pair

    I played this hand yesterday in an unconventional way, but it worked out for me. I was wondering though if it really was a good play or if I just got lucky. What I had seen so far from my opponent was that he would probably make this call with smaller aces and small pocket pairs. Normally if he hit the flop he would bet it, so I figured he didn't have much there and would fold to any bet. Normally I would never slowplay top pair, but I felt that by doing that here, I could get more value. That combined with the only real possibility for getting outdrawn to be two pair, a set or maybe a straight, and having the flushdraw as a backup for that, made the risk of being outdrawn small enough for a valuable slowplay. Any thoughts?

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      Hi lyoung911,

      Yes, this is one of those occasions that slow playing is our best option. I definately agree with your assessment that it's unlikley being outdrawn in this spot and alot of his outs will be dirty anyway with our spade draw.

      The other thing going for this spot is the size of the pot compared to remaining stacks. We don't need all streets to get the money in, just one or two will do.

      Well played


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        With TPTK and a draw to the nuts in position, slowplaying is fine here. It's a bit annoying that the turn was so blank, as you kind of have to check that too after not betting the flop.
        Unless he has showdown value (a minimum of ace high), or is incredibly passive, villain will be betting all river cards, so you're slightly fortunate that he actually improved there and you can put him all in.
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