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QJo 9 man $1.50 SNG

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  • QJo 9 man $1.50 SNG

    Hi Guys, This is a 9 man $1.50 SNG. The villain is playing 34/5, should I play this hand differently? Perhaps the wrong villain type to shove over? Should I just call and see what happens on the turn? My thinking was that I get full fold equity by shoving the flop and also a K or A on the turn will make things more uncomfortable for me Thanks

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    A couple of notes on fold equity:
    1. 34/5 players are notrious calling stations, so they don't fold very often.
    2. If they've donked the flop, they are almost never folding, since they liked their hand enough to bet with it in the first place.

    So this overbet is a mistake, as you're not often going to get called by worse, unless this villain is bad enough to call it off with just an 8 or a pocket pair worse than Q.
    A 34/5 player is usually passive post-flop as well as pre, so when he bets 2/3 of pot on the flop, he usually has a decent made hand. AQ, KQ, and QQ+ are all beating you, along with Q8/88/22, so just call and see if this villain keeps betting. If he keeps up his aggression, then you should fold on the turn, as it's unlikely that villain has QT or worse.

    You can beat the loose passive players by making a decent hand (TPTK+) and then betting strongly with it. Forget about trying to make them fold, except when you're semi-bluffing and somewhat pot-committed. If the villain indicates he has a hand, then just let him have a small pot. Save the big pots for when you KNOW you have the best of it.
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      Hy dasherF78umbup: I would assume that we are ahead of villain 2 more often than not especially as he is a loose player. There isn't many hands that beat us and there is 750 chips in the pot to be won and added onto our 2k stack so I don't mind your shove especially as loose player types like these can have hands like 8x,Qx,J10 and maybe even air a very small percentage of the time. However because there is still a player to act behind us I would probably be inclined to just call villain 2's bet so that if villain 9 calls/shoves then we have the chance to get away from our hand. Shoving isn't bad though, I think it's pretty close between shoving and calling. Nice hand, unfortunate spot. Cheers, Chris.



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