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A bad time to bluff or just not good enough bet?

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  • A bad time to bluff or just not good enough bet?

    Played in the Open Skill League. We had some nice cards on the table, but I figured I were behind. The pot was nice though, so I wanted him to fold; now that I had called all his bets anyways. Should I have gone all-in on a bluff like that, or was it the right to do (so I didn't lose everything)?

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    Hi dontommi! When playing a league game, the one and only thing that I'm concerned about is lasting as long as possible in order to accumulate more points for the monthly leaderboard. To do so, I only want to be playing premium hands and to not be all-in unless I'm sure that I'll be ahead after all 5 cards are on the board. With AT on the button, when it's folded to me, I'll make a standard opening raise (3BB+1BB for each limper). Due to this, I'll bet 360. I want to raise and not limp, as by limping, I get no information about the opponent's hand. I see a very coordinated flop that could have hit either of my opponents. The first opp leads for 120 and is called by the second opp. I now need to see if I have the correct price to call. I will need to put 120 chips into a pot that will be 800 (15%). I have 4 outs to a Q and maybe have another 3 outs to an ace (if the opps aren't holding AK, AJ, A9). If only the 4 outs are good, then my hand equity is only 8%, which means that I need to fold. If the aces are also good, then I have 7 outs for 14%. This is still lower than my pot equity, so I need to fold here too, as I don't want to take a marginal chance to draw since it's a league game. With the opp betting every street, I do not want to be calling with nothing and a min-raise with nothing is most likely going to be called by most opponents that have a K or a J, any of which beat me. With this being a league game, I'm going to raise preflop and then fold to a bet on the flop, as I don't have the correct odds to call. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      The short answer is DON'T BLUFF in FREEROLLS. Because many of the villains aren't playing for leaderboard positions, they aren't losing any real money by calling.
      As JWK says, the league games are all about survival. If you are priced in to make a call, chasing the nuts, go for it, but don't make raises with anything but a strong made hand. You can beat these players by betting big when you have it, and folding when you don't.
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        Thank you very much for your answers JWK and ArtySmokes!

        I really find your answers useful, as I'm stille quite new to the game - therefore still a lot to learn. It is also my first "season" in the skill league, so anything that can help me climb the leaderbord is much appreciated (I'm only in 898th place)

        Am I totally wrong, when saying that in these Open skill leagues, people often call and raise on pairs and two pairs - even though their opponents with the board cards could hold straights or flushs?
        I just think I often has won hands, where my opponents only had a pair or two pairs against my flush/straight - is this just a coincidence, or do people actually bet big on those "small hands" in these freerolls?


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          Hi dontommi! You're really going to find two types of players in these games. Those that care about the league standings.. and those that look at it as any other freeroll. Identifying the type of player one is, will greatly help a player out in them thru taking notes. The ones that do care about the standings will be playing extremely tight and should not overbet without made hands. The typical freeroller will be playing, betting and calling with just about anything. They're looking to chip up or chip out. In your example, two pair may beat a freeroller, but it shouldn't beat a serious player that is playing for the monthly standings (where the real $$$ is). Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            Thank you again for your (quick) answer - and thanks to PSO for having such dedicated super-players, to learn the amateurs about the hardest game in the world (not poker - but online poker!)

            I look forward to try and use these tips, whenever I play in the freerolls; just trying to learn the different players, but also trying to climb the leaderboard haha!

            I wish you all good luck too, and I will look forward to even more great replies on all the other hands I know, I'm gonna upload



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