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0.50c 45man SnG. Good or bad fold?

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  • 0.50c 45man SnG. Good or bad fold?

    This game messes with your head sometimes lol. I was sure I was up against KQo or 55, though they could have been shoving with a draw. Should I have called?

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    heey irish first of i personally like the min raise at this love but thats just personal. furthere this is a 50 cent game these guys can have hand like k2 that they are in love here further ther are allot of draws out there and again microstakes players can fold their hand if they have something. it is still a marginal spot but at the 50cent level its a crying call but when you move up at the stakes its a fold. further anothere really important aspect is how they have been playing always have that on your mind. if they both havent raise a single hand it is a fold but if they have been playing like maniacs its a call
    hope this helps :P
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      Pre-flop is OK. C-bet is OK, but I'd make it half pot or more, because you're likely to get called on this fairly wet flop multiway.

      Readless, I think you have to fold to the CRAI. Although BB villain can do this with a draw, he also has monsters (KQ, 55) in his range, and not a lot of worse made hands. You also have the problem that the button min-raised your c-bet (signifying a decent hand) and he may make this a 3-way shove, in which you might only be calling for a chop.

      Really, it would depend on reads. If these guys have shown a willingness to stack off light, or they overvalue one pair hands, then re-shoving would be fine. Against nittier types, folding is the safe option.
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        I didn't have a read on either of them as I was just moved to that table a few hands before and I was multi-tabling so not fully focusing on 1 particular table. Couldn't believe it when I seen their hands lol get some crazy people at this level. I still think I made the right fold considering the way these 2 fools acted, could have easily been beat here. But that's poker, sometimes we have to lay down the best hand

        Thanks both for your opinions


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          Hi IrishNinja91,

          I agree with ArtySmoke on a bigger Cbet. We've smashed this flop I think most of the time and I would be thinking about how to get it all in. I would think a raise to 500 or 600.

          It would then be pretty sick to see the ahove and call that followed. But given how much we commited with the cBet and the odds in the pot and how loose the 50c games are I think an unhappy call.

          With the smaller cBet I think there is room to fold here. I don't mind a call either since there are hands that do both these actions that we beat. I think you can go either way here good fold and good call. If either guy was tighter. Then I think you could fold more comfortably.

          Was there a reason for the small cBet?


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            Thanks Andy, the small cbet was mainly because I wanted both of them to call initially then put it all in on the turn. Was not expecting what came my way, no read on either of them so I was sure I was behind, unfortunately for me I was wrong lol



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