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Sit&Go $1.50 One Table, 6-max., Turbo

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  • Sit&Go $1.50 One Table, 6-max., Turbo


    I don't know if I acted well after the river cames.

    It was a strange hand and I don't know if I played it good or I had moments when I was bad.


    My opinion is that: I played it kinda good until the river came after that I think played bad when the opponent bet.

    I'm sorry for my bad english speaking skills.

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    With QQ, you can flat pre if the opener is quite tight, or you can 3-bet for value if villain is looser/weaker.
    You flopped a set on an Ace high flop, so you can bet bigger on the flop, as you're often going to get stacks in vs AK/AJ etc.
    As played, villain check-calls, so he could be quite weak.
    Again, I'd bet more on the turn. The board is getting wetter and you have a set. You want to win a stack vs AK/AT, or at least charge villain if he's on a draw. BUILD THAT POT WITH YOUR MONSTER HAND!

    The river card is really ugly, putting 4 cards to Broadway out there, and villain donks out. I'd sometimes even fold here, as villain's bet represents a king and nothing else. It turns out this villain is terrible. I don't know whether he's consciously turning his hand into a bluff, or if he's betting for value. Your call is fine there if you think this guy would value-bet two pair (or worse) or bluff. You can't raise, because you're only getting called by a hand (the straight) that beats you.
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      Hey Gronkh94

      I would prefer to 3bet our opponent preflop with our pocket queens. I would reraise the guy to around 3x the size of his total bet so reraising to 180 here would be nice.

      QQ is a strong hand and 6 handed it is a massive hand that we want to try to build a big pot with.

      As played I like to bet the flop too, you bet slightly less than half the pot which is ok as it looks weak and will allow our opponents to call with weak holdings, I'd like to see a bigger bet on the turn though, this turn card is likely to improve our opponents hand a bunch of the time, it will often give him straight draws and 2 pair hands so I'd like a bet size of about 250 - 300.

      I like our call on the river. Our opponent made a very small bet of 260 into 810 and he can be doing this with many worse hands than Kx, he could do this with a ton of 2 pair combos and of course the busted flush draw which he showed so calling his bet of 260 is going to be a profitable choice in the long run.

      Cheers, Chris.



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