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My 1st Sunday Million Quest this 2013

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  • My 1st Sunday Million Quest this 2013

    Just won SM ticket in 1.65R and a direct play as tourney already started. Played tight and nit as to disciplined myself not to play marginal hand to depleted my stacks and loss fold equity. Villain is half my stacks and put him in AJ+, 99+. As i dealt with AKo at the button with two blinds to act after,i need to shove to isolate the villain but it did not turn as what i hope for. Just after losing half of my stacks, not willing to play A rags the next hand but turn out to be a bad fold. As we loss previous hand with AKo, with A2o are we getting enough fold equity with 10BB left as we have 2 chance to win the pot. Exit hand with 7BB left is it a good shove? Thanks in advance. PH .
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    AK reshove looks good to me.

    A2 fold is correct. Against a minraise and a call, and these stack sizes, it's unclear how much fold equity you have. There's also a few other players to act. If you get called, you're often going to be in terrible shape versus a bigger ace or pocket pair.

    AQ shove looks good too. The big stack's 3-bet can be a worse hand than yours. You're in the BB, there's a ton of dead money in the middle and you started with 7bb as the shortest stack at the table, so getting it in hoping for a flip or better is a gamble worth taking. Folding certainly does you no favours, as another chunk will be taken from your stack in the small blind, and you're unlikely to get a better hand than AQ in the next orbit, so you'll ante right down and have to get it in with worse.
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      Thanks Arty




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        Hi PH,

        Please remember the rules of the HA forum, 1 hand per post.

        I agree with Arty on these, AK reshove is standard here. A2 is not good to shove vs. this action, we have little fold equity especially since players will tend to assume we are on tilt after the last hand and monkey-shoving light, and there's too big a likelihood we're going to run into a bigger ace or pair and be in bad shape. And with 7bb's I would go with AQ here. The options are shove, or stop and go, but I think the shove is a bit better since it squeezes the original raiser between it and the big stack and gives someone a chance to isolate you... and thinning the field to HU is preferable if we can.
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          My apologies Coach Dave, i'll keep it in mind.






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