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AKh tournament hand

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  • AKh tournament hand

    Some folks over in my staking thread suggested I post this hand here: Although I'm thinking the latest Langolier's blog covers this situation?

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    OK, you raised in EP and got called by the SB. You make TPTK on a two-tone board. You c-bet 2/3 pot for value, looking to get called by flush draws and worse pairs... and villain check-raised small.
    The pot is now 955 and it will cost you 255 to call, from your 1800 stack. Villain has you covered.

    Have you got any reads on the opponent?
    If he's a nit that only raises made hands for value, his range is two pairs+. A set of jacks or 3s is fairly likely in that case; hands that have you drawing almost dead. KJ also has you in pretty bad shape.

    If villain is more laggy, then he can be raising with a pair, a flush draw or open-ender; maybe even a combo royal flush gutshot; hands you're beating, but have decent equity against you.

    With the pot currently being half the size of your remaining stack, the stack to pot ratio is 2:1. You should probably commit to stacking off. If you had a lot more chips behind (like in a 100bb cash game), you could call the small raise and be prepared to fold on scary turn cards if villain bets strongly. If you were convinced you were already beat, because this villain is playing 7/7 and is a nut-peddler, just fold on the flop.
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      Hi ENZ,

      This one is quite different from the hand in my blog entry yesterday, in that it's a very different depth of money. In the blog the effective stacks are 192bbs and the stack to pot ratio very high (21)... here the effective stack is 43 bb's and the stack to pot ratio medium (6.7). Just based on this along I would sometimes be willing to stack off here.

      This depth of money leaves us a little bit in no mans land when we get check-raised, it's not an easy stack off nor an easy fold. It could get easy (in either direction) with reads which you likely have at this point, but didn't state. Like Arty said, if the villain is loose/aggressive we can probably stack this off without too many regrets. If the villain is a 7/7 nit then this is a really easy fold directly on the flop to his check-raise.

      Also, because the depth of money is awkward, I wouldn't always be continuation betting. I would bet/fold vs. a loose-passive station, or a nit. Vs a TAG I might check back sometimes here as We are not getting more than 2 streets of value absolute max vs. a TAG, and maybe only 1 street from worse hands if we bet the flop, but 2 from a wider range of worse hands if we check the flop (we'll get called down lighter since we check the flop). Vs an aggressive bluffer, I really like checking back the flop to induce turn and river bluffs from his air. Vs. a loose-aggro player I'm probably c-betting for value and stacking off if he raises.
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