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is this play to exploidable

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  • is this play to exploidable

    heey guys just had a hand where i wasmt really s**** if i made the right play. maybe its really easy exploidable so would like to hear your oppionion
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    I think you over raised pre flop, you want to charge for your premiums but not so much to scare players out of the pot.I'd raise to around 1,000 and hope for 1 caller or a shove.

    As it happened you got your chips in the way you wanted, don't be results orientated getting KK all in pre flop is +ev in situations like this.

    You were just unlucky to run into a raggy A.

    BTW all players styles are exploitable, if you're loose aggressive then tight passive works well. Play the player as well as the cards.

    Hope that's of some use to you.
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    • #3
      You're deep enough here that you don't have to be shipping this pre-flop ado. Try to keep your raising pre standard,as if you start mixing it up by hand strength that IS exploitable to players that are paying attention. We can go 1000+ here to get the short stack to commit or go away right now. Any raise from us is really forcing them to that commitment anyway so may as well rattle their cage now.

      That aside I think you did a great job exploiting this fish,at least until that A on the turn cut the line before you could get him in the boat.


      • #4
        I think the shove is kind of excessive, unless you think one of the villains will call with worse. In this case, he did, so you win maximum Sklansky Bucks, if not actual bucks. (You got your money in as a big favourite. In the long run, you'd make money against this villain by shoving.)

        If I'd been on that table, I'd say to myself "Ah, he's got QQ+ or AK, I'm folding Ax."

        At the lowest stakes, playing exploitably can be very profitable. The ABC style of betting big when you have it, check-folding when you don't, and hardly ever bluffing, works because other players are so bad/unobservant. "Level 1 thinkers" don't consider that your overbet represents a monster hand. They just look at their own hand and think "All in!"

        In tougher games, you have to mix up your play somewhat. You have to use bet sizes that mask the strength of your hand. You'd raise the same with 87s as you would with AA, and sometimes you'd overbet shove with the post-flop nuts, and sometimes you'd bet 1/3 of the pot.

        To maximise your profit, you exploit other players. If they call too much with marginal hands, bet BIG when you have a monster. If they fold too easily, bet small to try and squeak out some value, and be more inclined to bluff.
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          Hey adohole

          I agree with the comments above that your raise size is too big. It's not totally exploitable imo but we are letting our opponents off the hook when we shove all in for this many chips.

          There are still 3 players behind you that could fold hands that they would be comfortable playing against you if you put in a standard 3bet raise. With KK we should be praying for action rather than being happy with just taking the pot down preflop.

          I'm confident that we would show a much bigger profit by 3betting this spot rather than shoving 60+ big blinds. Remember that we should be trying to intelligently deceive our opponents into playing their weak hands against us.

          A quick example.... if villain had a hand like AJ and you put in a decent sized 3 bet he may just be inclined to think that your screwing around with him and he may decide to ship it on you, and he may do this with much weaker than AJ if he thinks your playing games with him.

          When we ship it for so many chips at such a small blind level it shows that your not afraid to go to war with your hand which isn't the impression we want to give to our opponents.

          Cheers, Chris.


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            ok ty everybody
            Triple Bracelet Winner



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