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AA vs A3 / K2s : Two hands for analysis

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  • AA vs A3 / K2s : Two hands for analysis

    Hey guys... First time asking for hand analysis (thanks to grade b), so I'll fire up two in row:P The first one: With AA, although in an early level, but I defenitely wanted to play these babies, so I overbetted and hope I get a call from premiums only, instead I get this... Did I play well this hand or should just folded? In this hand I had K2s, also in the early levels and as the blinds were payable I limped in to see what was behind the courtain... Was it a good play, or just too risky? Thanks alot, guys.

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    Hi RicJSSousa! I'll get both hand for you here, but in the future, please try to keep it to one hand per thread, so that any conversations can stay on point with a given hand. Also, it helps to know the type of torunament, as some of them have slightly different strategies and we want to provide the best advice as possible. With AA (or any other hand that I want to raise with), I'm going to make a standard opening raise, which for me at this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. By making the bets standard, the opp won't know whether I have AA, 44, AK, JTs, or a total bluff, as it helps to conceal the strength of my hand. Due to this, I'll raise to 90. The flop comes J 10 3 with two clubs, so there are a number of draws available. The opp now shoves, which is basically their only play due to the very large overbet preflop. I'm calling this with AA here. I'm either way ahead or way behind, but due to the large overbet preflop, I've got to call here, as it's too few chips to call compared to the pot size, with a made hand. By making a standard raise, I give myself options after the flop. The value bet that I'd make on the flop will be based on the texture of the board and the number of opps left and will be between 1/2 pot and a pot-sized bet. Once again here, I want to make a standard bet size. Betting larger with big hands and smaller with lesser hands is the most common online bet tell, that an observant opp will gladly take advantage of. ------------- With K2s from UTG, early in a tournament, this one is an easy muck for me. When I'm playing out of position, I only want to be playing premium hands and not marginal hands due to my position disadvantage. Once again, any hand that I'm going to play, I'll be making a standard opening raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper. I do not want to open limp, as this will be a big chip leak that observant opponents will gladly take advantage of. If I was in the hand, I'd have made a raise on the flop. This way I can get information about the opponent's hands (I currently have none since it was a limped pot). With three opps and a possible flush draw avaialable, I'll make a pot-sized raise to 200. If I'm called, I will check/fold to any sizable bets on the turn or river, unless my hand improves. If I'm raised, I'll muck. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks JWK24, will do, hand by hand, next time...sorry!

      Great advices... thank you so much!

      Please understand that I used to consider AA the top of the top hands and therefore I used to all in it preflop many times before I understand that AA don't always win!:P but your advice is way better and I will try to follow it to the letter, standard raises every time I have a playable hand, seems to be quite reasonable and easy to fold also, in case of need. I've probably lost many tournaments due to that simple rule not being applied.

      Regarding the K2s... I now have this limper tendency in the early stages of any tournament, 'cuz I find the blinds so easy to pay, that i just wanna go and play almost all of them. When the levels are higher I tend to tighten the plays a little more. Will try to control myself in the early stages... (But you got to admit that, that was a heck of a great outcome and also a great chip boost):P

      Once again thanks for the advices,
      Ricardo Sousa



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