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Will you fold this one?

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  • Will you fold this one?

    What do you guys think , is this hand a good fold? This the level 2 of a turbo 90 SNG, and it's the second all in from this player ..i put him on a A J+ range and pair of 10s or lower I was calling but the raise from UTG made me fold
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    This early in the tournament this is the right play.

    Was the villain limping any pots or making any standard raises?

    what tends to happen is a player like this gets called and ends with a monster stack and settles down or gets called and gets crippled and goes on the the next one,

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      Usually it is a strong hand but i don't think he will play AA and KK same way , this bet tells me more that he has a pair or strong connected cards which do not play well post flop , and JJ plays well against this range i would put QQ on top of his range. I was ready to call if the player raising UTG was not involved .


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          Hi s3n_dan,

          What were the stakes? I think in a 90man Turbo when a guy has shoved twice on tiny pots I think this has to be a call.

          I wouldn't be worried with the UTG raiser either. I think he's folding plenty of his raising range after an allin and a call.

          In a non-turbo you might wait for a lower variance spot. In Turbos we sometimes have to take smaller edges. I think you have an edge here.


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            Hi Andy,

            It was a 50c buy in, he didn't shove like every hand but also limped a few
            Thanx for the help you re absolutely right my call should have folded the utg raiser. Actually i didn't get any decent hands later and this call could get me in the money, cause the blinds eat all my chips and i was not happy folding here

            The good thing is I finished 3rd on the next 1 $ buy in



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              3rd is nice

              I don't think you need to see a ton of shoves to pick up a read.

              Shoving 100BBs in a tiny pot is a fishy move, someone might try once with AA cause they do get called sometimes at this level. But shoving twice the odds of both hands being premium start reducing drastically.

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