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Heads up disaster (2)

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  • Heads up disaster (2)

    And the very next hand: I hit the pair, which I thought was good most the time. Overplaying or another chunk of bad luck?
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    I'd check the turn for pot control. You have some showdown value, so try and get there cheaply.

    The only hands you're beating on the turn are unpaired Broadways like JT and AJ.
    If villain has a 3 or a K, you're value-cutting yourself. He's also unikely to call two streets with a worse Q after calling your raise pre-flop.

    The river jam looks terribad from here. Are you expecting to get called by worse? He folds all his missed draws, and calls with everything better than QJ. He's certainly never folding a boat, which is his most likely holding after he called the first two barrels.
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      Well, I don't like the preflop reraise at all personally. If we are going to 3b preflop as a resteal I prefer to make a real 3b, not a min-raise as this just begs the villain to call and play with the positional advantage. I would not resteal here regardless though, as we are likely to have less fold equity than normal... considering we just got coolered the last hand and doubled him up, when we 3b now his first thought has got to be that we could be tilting. I would probably just fold Q7o out of position as any involvment might look like tilt, but if we do see a flop I prefer to just call, and proceed when we hit something, since we figure to need to show him something now with the tilt image.

      As played check the turn is probably preferable to me, and check/fold the river, both spots are meh but we sort of did it to ourselves with the preflop action.
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        Figured as much
        The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
        Keep up to date: @Ov3rsight



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