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PSO League, JJ on button vs. 1 loose limper, Q-high flop - how's my line?

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  • PSO League, JJ on button vs. 1 loose limper, Q-high flop - how's my line?

    At this point, I have only 8 hands of data on Villain_8. He has a VPIP of 68 (5 of the 8 hands I've seen) and he has pushed all-in pre-flop on three of those hands, only forced to a showdown once with JTo from the BB against 3 limpers. I get JJ on the button and Villain_8 limps UTG, then it is folded around to me. Both blinds are sitting out, so I figure against this maniac with a bigger stack I should limp and see what the flop looks like, since we will be heads-up with plenty of dead money. Unfortunately, the small blind comes back just after I call and limps as well (so much for heads-up). Flop is a queen-high rainbow with potential for straight draws, SB checks, and Villain_8 throws in a bet for 60% of the pot. I make a 50% raise, SB folds, and Villain_8 calls. Turn is a rainbow 10, giving me an OESD but completing a straight for KJ or J8. Villain checks, I check behind. River is a second 7 and Villain bets 60% of the pot, about 66% of my stack to call. 1) What do you think of my play so far in this hand? 2) Should I have bet the turn instead of checking behind? 3) What's your play now, facing this bet on the river?
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    Hi CanuckMonkey! With JJ from the button, I'm going to make a standard raise, to 3BB+1BB for each limper and raise to 480. Limping behind basically makes me setmine with JJ and I'd rather thin the field and isolate the loose limper. JJ plays much better against 1 opp than 3. I see a 4-way flop with an overcard (imagine that with JJ), get a check, a fold and a bet. With this being a league game, I need to conserve chips and do not ever want to put my chips in early when I'm behind and defintiely do NOT want to try to bluff early in a tourney. The point penalty for the month end leaderboard (where the real cash is) is too high. If it were a normal opp or also with someone behind me that has been playing normally, I'm mucking JJ here and saving my chips for a better spot. I'm crushed by any Q and I am nowhere near + league points for the game yet. Due to the SB being in this, I'm mucking. However, IF I was heads-up against a very loose opp, instead of raising here, I'm flatting in position and seeing the turn. When the opp checks the turn, I'm 100% checking behind here. Yes, I have what COULD be the best hand with a big draw, but since this is a league game, I need to play this very conservatively. If it were a cash game, I'm betting the turn with 10 outs to improve, as a semi-bluff... but I'm never doing this in a league game. The league points are way too important. The river bet looks like a Q to me and in a league game, this is an instant muck for me, since I do NOT want to take a chance. In most cash games, I'm mucking the river here too and only calling if I have extensive notes on the opp and they are known to bluff rivers frequently. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I don't understand your flop raise.
      Hands you're beating will fold (so you get no value), and hands that beat you are winning most of your stack.
      You really don't need to make crazy bluffs in microstakes, especially in league games where survival is crucial.
      Just call on the flop and see if he gives up on the turn. Try not putting money into the pot in these league games unless you're pretty sure you have the best hand... and you think the opponent will call with worse.
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