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AKo in 55c MTT

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  • AKo in 55c MTT

    Hi Guys, This is a 55c MTT, I nomally play SNGs so I'm not usually playing 100BB deep. How should I play AKo here, I think I played it OK until the Turn. After getting two callers on the flop I was thinking that I needed to pot control with TPTK as another bet would start to get me commited, I also didn't want to give up the initiative so I ended inbetween a normal bet and checking with a small bet Should I just have checked the turn and folded to a big bet? Thanks in advance.

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    I think you actually needed to make a bigger bet on the flop. Betting roughly half the pot gives the first caller 3:1 pot odds to call, and the next 4:1 which is high enough to make the flush draw a +EV call. You definitely want to price out the flush draw! I would make at least a pot-sized bet on this flop.

    Assuming you still got two callers, I would then push all-in on that blank on the turn (pot would now be almost 2000 and your stack only slightly larger, and you still need to price out that flush draw if someone was foolish enough to chase it this far).

    Of course, results-based thinking shows us that Villain_9 would be very unlikely to fold his flopped trip sixes, so this would have been the end for you. But we should never go by results-based thinking! You can't really expect someone to be calling your 4x raise pre-flop with 63s, and in the long run you're going to destroy guys who play like that!
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      Hi DasherF78,

      I would think we are good on the turn vast majority of the time. Very unlikely I think for either player to have a 6 given the preflop action.

      I would bet again on the turn again half the pot i think is good. I don't think I'd worry about being commited I would assume I have the best hand most of the time.

      Dunno why this guy is calling a raise with 63s


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        Thanks for the replies. umbup: I think my challenge with this hand was starting with 100BB and whether TPTK is strong enough to get all in vs 2 opponents.


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          Dunno why this guy is calling a raise with 63s


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          They were s00tid...(bonus---that's the same reason the 87 was in the hand...



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