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Blind steal gone wrong.

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  • Blind steal gone wrong.

    I know I should have shoved here, had the guy marked as "Loose Aggressive" and his range would have been wide but I didn't want to risk my last shot at making something on the stake, just wanted to take the blinds lol. Ended up placing 3rd, was in the same spot with A7, this time I shoved and he had AA, could have been the same in the hand below. Still a bad play though Any thoughts?

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      Hi IrishNinja91,

      I think A8 in the SB when this short it's almost not a steal. It's very likley to be the best hand. Thats being said the most profitable outcome is taking down the blinds.

      So this is absolutely a raise, but it has to be allin.

      Rasing and folding is very bad on this stack size. We are really priced in anyway with a hand like A8.

      Hope it worked out.

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        Yeah I know your right, I was on the final table there and wanted to make a profit with final game of stake set and didn't want to bust out at that point. Managed to build some chips after that though and got 3 handed, all pretty even but sadly I took the wrong time to shove and placed 3rd.


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          I agree with Andy, firstly not really a steal. Second, shove would be better. He has like 5 behind. And thirdly, after a "steal" attempt of your priced into a call with whatever two cards you happen to have. Getting better than 2:1 on your call off. And this shallow you really shouldn't be raise folding ever. Major leak. Regardless of the final outcome. Imo
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            I totally with you both, I should have shoved and I would have if I was in any other game but this was the last chance to make profit in the stake, yes I could have won and put myself in a better position but I also could have been left with like 4k and in a terrible spot, I folded with 10k left and managed to make a little more before going out. Shove would have been the right decision but I just didn't like it and I was hoping for him to fold to my raise lol

            Lesson learned anyways


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              I'm shoving a lot worse than A8 in this situation. You have the BB covered, so he's likely to fold to a shove very often, as he won't want to call off his stack with a marginal hand.
              He's only going to wake up with a better hand than A8 about 12% of the time, so you'll often be successful with your steal, and can continue to put pressure on. By raising and then folding, the stacks have basically switched over. Now he has you covered, which is the last thing you want. :/
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                Yeah I watched the SpaceGravy video on MTT SnG Turbos, learned a lot from it. I won't be making that mistake again . Thanks everyone for their feedback



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