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As/Ks, EPTLive Freeroll, Unlucky or bad play?

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  • As/Ks, EPTLive Freeroll, Unlucky or bad play?

    Hi. I played this hand at the EPTLive freeroll. I analysed it tons of times afterwards, and keep seeing new decisions I could have made, but I would still like to get a second opinion. What did I do wrong and when? Or was I just unlucky and actually played okay? Looking forward to your replies! //DonTommi

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    I'm still figuring this stuff out myself, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. Pre-flop, AKs is good heads-up but you don't want to play it multiway. You had the all-in covered by a fair margin so I think it is less of an issue here, but with four players left to act behind you I still would have preferred to either fold or re-raise all-in yourself in hopes of isolating the initial raiser. Post-flop play seems reasonable all the way through, considering that you were out of position. I'd say it is just bad luck that the that made your nut flush also filled up Villain_1's tens full. -- CanuckMonkey
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      Hi dontommi,

      I don't think it's really a spot to need to think about too much about not stacking off. I think I'm happy stacking off at any point during the hand.

      I think CanuckMonkey is correct in his shove fold assessment preflop. And we can never fold AKs here. So shoving is the only option.

      The problem with flat calling is this is a freeroll meaning there's going to be alot of loose passive players in the field happy to call behind also. This means you'll get a very bloated pot on the flop and basically be commited anyway whether you hit or not and when you do hit you might not get stack action cause there's an A or K on the board.

      Only way to play this hand preflop is a shove in my opinion. And being a freeroll we can still expect to be called by Ax and KQ, etc

      On the flop again absolutely a shove for me. We have a ton of equity vs almost every hand but currently have nothing. So winning the pot on flop is great. Getting is allin on the flop is probably still good most of the time also.


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        CanuckMonkey and ahar010, thank you for your insights.

        I'm still relatively new to the game, I haven't played as much as I would like to, and I have actually just played for fun before.
        I would still love to train my skills though, which is also why I posted here. I find, that the insights from (much) more experienced players probably would give me better advice than just reading a lot of topics.

        But I think myself, that this was a nice played hand - I came to the same conclusion as you, it was mostly just bad luck.
        But I'm looking forward to more replies from all of you - after all, there's only one way to be better at the game!

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          Basically your line was too passive at every stage. By that, I mean you were the one calling, not making the initial bets.
          When the short stack shoves pre-flop, you can re-shove, in order to isolate him. Other players will be less likely to call if you make it 5000 to go. (They can only really call with QQ+, but since you have AK, AA and KK are less likely holdings).
          Since you called, more players were priced in to see a flop.

          It was a big flop for you. You have the nut flush draw and a gutshot to Broadway. You have a ton of "outs". Your remaining stack is also about the same size as the pot. Just shove it all in. Sometimes, the opponent will fold, which is good as it leaves you with just the first all in player to beat, but even when he calls, you have plenty of chances to win a monster pot.
          By passively calling, you let another player drive the action. What do you do if the turn is an offsuit deuce? You've already put 2000 into the middle and you have just ace high.

          So, the basic advice is: When you have a big hand, or a monster draw, and there's already a lot of the money in the middle, don't just check-call.... GET YOUR STACK IN!
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