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KK (UTG) with 24BB Vs SB with 15BB

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  • KK (UTG) with 24BB Vs SB with 15BB

    Background Approaching the bubble; I'd been playing pretty tight & picking my spots; raising premium pairs, high suited A# & mid pairs etc. Also limiting my steals to C/O & BT in position. I picked up KK (UTG) with 24BB and raised 2.3BB. Blinds 200/400 Ante 50. Hero Hud Stats VP 14, PFR 8, 3B 6, CB 100, FCB - (98) Villain Hud Stats VP 16, PFR 0, 3B 0, CB -, FCB 33, (76) My thought process... Pre-Flop Villain appeared to be fairly tight and therefore I put him on similiar range... At previous showdowns he showed AKo, AQs, high - mid pairs etc. I dismissed AA or QQ (as thought he would 3Bet shove with only 15BB) and mid-suited / non-suited connectors as I hadn't seen him play these hands. Post Flop After Villain checked called the flop & turn (& then donk bet on the river), I was expecting to see 3 of a Kind, but I was not expecting KQo? Question: Should I have put Villain all in on the flop, with the flush draw (& poss straight draw) on the board with bubble approaching or was I just unlucky?
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    Hi prodigy.

    I think you're play here is pretty much fine. Standard to 2.5x sized bet to open at this stage,price the villain into two badly -EV calls on both the flop and turn. Could make the flop bet a little bigger I guess (you were at 59% of the pot,maybe go more standard at 67%---so 2/3's bet slider option...). That make it pretty much automatic to put the villain all-in on the turn.

    In THIS case though,with this villain...well if he's willing to put all but his last 626 chips in on the turn call with K-high and a gut shot I seriously doubt that shipping the flop was ever going to deter this player.

    Just unlucky here really,took him to value-town pretty well and the judge let him post bail and walk.


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      gi prodigy i agree with maxie altough i would have put him allin on the turn he has less than a pot bet behind
      gl at the tables
      Triple Bracelet Winner


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        Hey prodigy237

        I like how you played the hand the only thing I think we ought to of done differently was shove him all in on the turn. If we could see his cards then I think your bet sizing is fine as he only has 4 outs we would like him to stick around but it's likely that he has 10x ,medium pairs and a ton of draws which makes it better for us to put him all in to reduce the chances of him sucking out on us.

        Your bet size on the flop is good, this is the amount I would like to bet to set up a shove all in on the turn.

        With 5800 in the pot and just 3400 in villains stack it's quite likely that villain will feel priced in with whatever draws he may have and call the bet anyway, which is fine, but it's important for us to bet an amount which doesn't give villain the correct odds to call with his drawing hands, and as the stack to pot ratio is so small the only way we can do this is by betting him all in on the turn.

        Cheers, Chris.


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          Thanks Guys, I was conscious of my bet size on the flop, and after reviewing the hand again maybe I should of made it 2/3 (or 70%), but it was my intention to set up the all in on the turn, which I thought I'd effectively done with my bet size & villain with only 626chips behind. I appreciate your feedback / comments. Many thanks, Prodigy umbup:
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