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PSO League, TT in SB, folded to me with loose-passive BB - thoughts on my line?

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  • PSO League, TT in SB, folded to me with loose-passive BB - thoughts on my line?

    Villain_8 in the big blind is very loose-passive. I've got 20 hands of data on him and he is 45/5. I make a standard raise from the SB after it is folded to me, and am not surprised when he calls. I bet half the pot on the A77 rainbow flop and get called, then bet half the pot again on the deuce turn and get a min-raise from the villain. Because of his loose style, I'm not expecting him to have an ace-rag unless I'm very unlucky, and I'm guessing he would have 3-bet pre-flop if he had a higher pocket pair. What do you think of how I played the hand so far? What's your move in response to this raise on the turn?
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    Hi CanuckMonkey! This hand is a good example of where league strategy is somewhat different from cash MTT strategy. In both situations, with TT in the SB, when it folds to me, I'm going to make a standard raise to 3BB (360). The flop brings an A and an underpair. In both situations here, I'm going to make a bet both for value and to see where I'm at in the hand. Loose opps in league games love playing any A or any suited cards and that is a HUGE red flag here, as with them playing 45%, basically every ace possible is well within their range. I'm going to make a 1/2 pot bet of 405 here in both situations, UNLESS this is a player that I have flagged as playing any A (something that I look for and note). If the opp is known to play all aces, I'm check/folding the flop in a league game since there is a high likelihood that I'm beat. The opp calls, which is a very large red-flag in a league game. Since this is a league game and I need to survive as long as possible in order to accumulate league points, I'm not putting a single chips more into this pot unless my hand improves. I'm check/folding the turn and also the river. It's not worth the risk of losing league points when I could very easily not have the best hand. I'm also check/folding the turn here in a cash tournament. In a league game, I need to conserve every single chip that I have and do not want to put chips into the pot unless I'm ahead in the hand. As soon as this flop comes out, TT, while it's a marginal made hand, there is no way to know that it's ahead, so I'm check/folding to all opps known to play Ax and taking 1 and only one shot at the pot on the flop if the opp is not known to play all aces. I do agree with your assessment that a higher pair not likely, as with a 5% PFR, they should be raising those preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John, great advice as always with plenty of detailed nuggets for me to learn from!
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