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KQo right to call?

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  • KQo right to call?

    Hi Guys, This is a $1.50 9 man SNG, I haven't played much heads up. Should I call an all-in here with KQo? Villain was playing 24/9 for the tournament. With about 15BB should I look for a better situation i.e. shoving first or calling with a hand less likely to be dominated? Looking at an ICM calculation, the range for the Villain should be 40% and me 20% to call (KTo+) so doesn't seem awful to call. Thanks in advance

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    I don't have much experience heads-up, and I'm not a very good NLHE player (although I'm improving!) but since nobody else has had a chance to reply yet, I'll throw in my thoughts.

    I'd say this is absolutely a great call. Heads-up, you need to be playing a lot more hands than you would full ring, and KQo is a monster heads-up.

    Now I'll advise you to ignore everything I just said until somebody smarter and more experienced than me chimes in with a response.

    -- CanuckMonkey
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      ICM might say that villain should be shoving 40%, but look at his stats. 24/9 means he's been raising less than 10% of hands. KQ does pretty badly against the top 10%.
      Now, obviously the stats are for the entire tournament. How long had you been short-handed/heads up? I'd prefer a fold here, and would only be calling if the guy had been shoving a lot more often than the stats indicate.
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        Yes call, yes push.

        Heads up are a different beast and require different thinking. Betting patterns are so important but a call here is +ev imo.
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          Thanks Guys umbup: I we had been heads up for about 20 hands and I had started about 2:1 behind in chips. I intially min raised every button and the villian was generally folding. Over the last few buttons the villian shipped over my min raises a couple of times, wasn't sure if he had adjusted or had a couple of hands. I think this was in the back of my mind when I called off this hand, maybe he was pushing back a little light


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            Hey Dasher,

            It's pretty close, depends on how wide we think he's shoving tbh. 24/9 doesn't mean much since he was probably tighter early in the sng, how has he played since the bubble burst (3 handed) is what I would evaluate on. If he's not increased his opening frequency then I'd fold here and be shoving wide on the button. If he's revved up the aggression then the call is ok.
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              Thanks Dave, makes sense umbup:



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