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interesting spot

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  • interesting spot

    its a 6 max hyper satty top 2 get the same ticket and 3 get 4c :P at first you think call then fol call fold really tough spot when you think about it icm wize because there is no diference between 1st and 2nd
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    Spots like this are really annoying but in sattys it's very important not to risk your tournament life without the nuts essentially. Especially in spots like this with a very short stack. Only play pots where you are likely to bust the short stack and I wouldn't even call a shove like the one you showed with AA.

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      Hey adohole

      Very close! I think folding will show a bigger profit in the long run but that's just an educated guess. If we call and win we have pretty much secured ourselves a victory but if we fold it's likely that Player 2 will be forced to go all in before we are anyway.

      I think this is a close one because if player 2 doubles up then we will have similar stack sizes. With that being said, player 2 doesn't have much fold equity with just 4 bb's so it's very likely that he will be forced to go all in or call all in with a non premium hand which increases the chances of him being knocked out in 3rd place.

      So overall I think folding is best because even if player 2 was to double up then we would have a similar stack size to him which is way better than being the short stack. AK is likely to be the best hand but there's a ton of hands in player 1's range that have plenty of equity against it.

      Good hand, I would like to what a very solid hyper turbo reg would do. Cheers, Chris.


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        Ummm yuck spot, but I gotta agree with Chris. (Because second is first) if the shorty folds here, hes left with 3 blinds, and will very shortly be standing really wide to not blind out. You have 10 left if you fold, which in most scenarios will get your seat. I would rather shove king high into the shorty than call off the big stack shove.
        I have to disagree with fadyen on calling with aces though..
        Btw I'm not the solid HT reg Chis is referring to. Just an HT guy...
        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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          I put this into an ICM calculator, which confirms AKo is an ICM fold if the villain is shoving an approximate range of 1/4th of starting hands. According to ICM the only profitable call here for us is with AA.
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            ty dave i was 9 tabling and when i saw the exact stack sizes i was like o man i should have folded then started thinking and just got confuised :P. ty guys. but 1 thing i think he is shoving anything from 30-60% here
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