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NLHE 45 man SnG 88 in BB

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  • NLHE 45 man SnG 88 in BB

    Very first hand of an SnG. What do you think of how I played this? I've been more aggressive with my bet size because of the mantra I keep repeating to myself in these micro stakes: "they call too often". Thanks so much!

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    I don't mind the pre-flop raise as an attempt to get heads up, while also building a pot worth winning if you spike a set, and also allowing you to make a meaningful c-bet.
    But you got 2 callers. Why are you betting the pot into two players when you have less than top pair?
    It's a pretty dry flop. Villains are likely only continuing with a jack or better, as the only draws are gutshots.
    A smaller flop bet achieves the same result as full pot in this situation. Villains either fold (they have nothing), they call (they have a jack) or they raise (they have 2 pair or better).
    So all that happens when you bet full pot is that worse hands than 88 fold, and better hands call or raise.
    When one villain calls, you HAVE to give him credit for a jack. Shoving all in on the turn (which is another overcard to your pair and also completes a gutterball T8) is basically suicidal. Unless villain is the worst player in the world, you are never getting called by worse.

    If villains "call too often", don't try getting them to fold. When you have top pair or better, go for max value. When you have a weaker hand, don't turn it into a bluff. Keep the pot small, or just check-fold and wait for a better spot to go for value.
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      I really didn't put him on the J. The check both times had me convinced he just had two overcards and I didn't want him drawing one. I figured if he had a J he would've reraised my flop bet. Is that really poor reasoning??


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        I guess it's possible for a calling station to call a pot-sized bet with 2 overcards, but it would be pretty bad to do so. He'd also have to have AK, AQ or KQ, which would generally have raised pre-flop. So his range for calling on the flop is mainly Jx.
        Even if villain does have a hand like AQ, then you don't want him to fold. You're beating that hand! Bet half pot and let him make another bad call, hoping he hits the queen or ace.

        If villain has a jack, as I expect, check-calling is the safe way for him to get value when he's ahead, while minimising losses if he's beat. He doesn't need to protect his top pair versus a flush draw, so there's no need to raise. There also aren't many scare cards that can come on the turn for him if he has AJ or KJ, as he'll usually still have top pair or top two.

        In summary, if a player "calls too much", you can't beat him by trying your hardest to make him fold. You're value-cutting yourself. Against calling stations, the profit comes from making a hand and then getting calls, not folds.
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          Ya that makes sense. He had me beat from the beginning. His limp call, check call, check call had me believing I had a calling station looking to hit an overcard. The truth is that he was super slow-playing KK


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            Hi 85FastLane,

            I tend to agree with ArtySmokes.

            I don't even mind just checking the option in the BB and going for the set mine. Although raising is good also when used in conjunction with a cBet.

            CBet on the flop should absolutely be smaller. It's such an expensive way to bluff making it full pot. Key to the micros is value betting rather than bluffing.

            Once they call on the flop you kinda have to give up and try to get to show down cheaply.

            "they call too often" is true in the micros. But your mantra should be "value bet value bet value bet". Rather than "Bluff bigger"


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              Thanks. It's always so clear when looking back on it I know this isn't how I usually play. I would normally have no problem checking and folding 88, but I've had a week of just lousy cards and I think I'm trying to force mediocre holdings to pay off. I gotta work on my discipline


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                true 85fast

                looking back is where you know where you made the mistake

                so good job by posting your hands here

                post more hands

                Coach is right value value value

                not bluff big

                you bet a pot size bet on the flop and opp called meaning he have something better than 8's

                I actually love your opp's play of just calling your post flop pot size bet to give you the initiative to bet more

                you already showed strength by betting pot size bet so no need to reraise by opp in position he just let you hang yourself in

                good luck fastlane



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