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PSO League, AA, 3rd hand of tourney, 3 shoves - how to proceed?

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  • PSO League, AA, 3rd hand of tourney, 3 shoves - how to proceed?

    This being the PSO League and really early, I'm 99% sure I know the answer to this one. (Heck, I just posted about this on my blog on Saturday.) So, some questions: 1) This being PSO league, should this be an automatic fold so early in the tourney? 2) Does the fact that this is PSO league and the early stage mean that I should have done something other than make a standard raise when the action first reached me? 3) Do you think the introduction of the Big Bang should change the answer to question 1? 4) Am I right to think that in a normal cash tourney, this should be an automatic call even against three opponents? I'll post the full hand over in my Time Vault thread in a bit, for those who are curious about what I did and how it played out. -- CanuckMonkey
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    Hi CanuckMonkey! If this hand was early in the month (and not late last month), that's the time that I'm willing to gamble in this situation in a league game, as I'll lose much less points early in the month than late in the month. With AA, or any other hand that I'm playing, I'm going to make a standard opening raise (3BB+1BB for each limper). With 3 limpers, I'll raise to 6BB or 240. I then get 3 shoves. Late in the month, where this can cause me to lose a large amount of real $$ from the monthly standings, I'll muck. However, with it being the beginning of the month, if I ever do go out early in one, it's going to be with AA or KK preflop. AA preflop will always be a +EV play, so early in the month, I'm calling and taking my chances. In a cash tourney, I'm snap-calling with AA here every single time, regardless. I would absolutely not be concerned about the Big Bang ticket. If I play my standard game, I've got a real shot at winning this ticket at sometime within the month, so the only time that this would even remotely enter my thought process is if I already have 2 top finishes and have enough chips to get the third one. Then I may consider mucking to get the ticket, but never due to this early in a game. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Unless you're currently in the top 50 of the monthly league, so busting would undo much of your good work, I think this is a fist-pump call, especially if there's still 20+ days left in the month.
      Kings would probably be a fold, however.
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        Thanks John and Arty, this has been really helpful and has already started to affect my play. Great stuff!
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