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big $11 hit TP on the river

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  • big $11 hit TP on the river

    never seen my opp do such crazy thing so i assume he's a TAG
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    et what is the best line to take on the river i thought i was ahead and making a value thin bet and at the same time making a blocking bet when my opp reshove all in did i make the correct fold?

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    realy close spot do you think he could have played AQ or AK this way if hec cant then i guess its a call but really toguh spot
    Triple Bracelet Winner


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      Hey marvinstan

      Interesting spot indeed but I think a fold is best. You say villain hasn't done anything crazy like this before and also if villain was to be bluffing here he would have to be a pretty sick 'good' educated player.

      It's not impossible for villain to not have a flush and he could have hands like QJ/Q10, 89 is unlikely but maybe depending on the player type and I doubt he has J10 as he wouldn't be checking back the turn very often imo. I don't think AQ is reshoving all in with flush and straight possibilities out there and it's pretty hard for villain to have AK if he's any good which makes it hard for villain to have a hand that he's turning into a bluff.

      I don't believe that villain would be educated enough as well as sick enough to pull off a big bluff in this spot so I like your fold, were definitely beat here more times than not.

      Cheers, Chris.


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        Tyty chris your explanation helps a lot

        Tyty ado for your inputs

        Very much appreciated



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