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Q5Q5s 3-Handed

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  • Q5Q5s 3-Handed

    Did I play this hand correctly? My observations were that villain_8 was raising light and folding a lot and villain_9 was playing way to much pre-flop, but was a bit more cautious post, even though he c-bet a lot. Therefore I decided that Q5s was good enough due to implied odds. On the Flop I thought his c-bet was short for his usual amount so I thought he was either super-strong or bluffing (he played draws aggressively). I decided to call and re-evaluate on the turn On the turn he checked and my belief was that he either disliked the Ace or had quit his bluff, but I still decided to check to see what he would do on the river. Finally, on the river I saw the possible flush draw being completed and since I believed my play was consistent with a flush draw i decided that if he checked I would bluff, he checked and I decided to bet an amount big enough that he would fold a good amount of the times, but small enough that it would allow me to keep playing if I lost.

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    Hey JPrates umbup: Interesting. I would be totally fine with how you played the hand if only you had more chips. The reason I feel this way is because this is a high variance risk and if it doesn't work out for us we are left with about 7 BB's and if villain decides to barrel the turn card he may opt to ship us all in as we have under a pot sized bet, so a lot of the time we won't get the chance to bet the river. The line you took is a rather advanced way to play the hand and I like it, especially as you have notes that villain is aggro preflop/c bets the flop a ton, but shuts down on later streets if he doesn't improve. Overall I think playing the hand the way you did is great if we had more chips. What I also like is that your thinking ahead, you had a plan and you executed it, this really shows that you have a decent amount of knowledge about the game. Your using your notes and your position to your advantage which is brilliant I just feel it's a mistake to play the hand in this manner when are stack to pot ratio is this small. Cheers, Chris.



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