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Not really "Slick"

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  • Not really "Slick"

    How about this? I thought I'm extracting a lot of value from my "big slick", but this guy called after the flop with back-door flush and the turn with a draw and got it. He risked all his stack and crippled mine. What do you think?
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    Hi Vas,

    The guy only has 2600 behind and there's already 3K in the pot when the flop action comes to you, I think we are clearly committed so just shove right there. No reason to give him an excuse to peel light with hands like QJ, QT, QQ, JJ, TT, back door draws, etc. Get the weaker kings in the middle now, no reason to mess around with 3K out there already and less than that behind in their stacks. The guy had to call 1100 more into 4500, I don't think it was a good play by him at all, it was really bad actually, but it is what it is. Most of the time we're celebrating getting his whole stack.
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      You've got the biggest stack at the table and villain 5 has made a committing raise. I'd re-raise enough to put him all in so we see all 5 cards for one price, while also isolating him (others are unlikely to cold call). As played, there's a ton of dead money in the middle and you flopped TPTK, so just shove it all in when you're almost always in great shape.
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        Thanks a lot Dave and Arty.
        I probably should have shoved as you both suggest, but my greed got the best of me. I was the "big stack", so I tried not to scare anybody out. I dunno if the guy that called the flop-bet would fold anyway.... Bad play as Dave pointed out.
        But that's poker. Bad play wins sometimes.
        Good luck at the tables


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          Originally posted by PsychoVas View Post
          I was the "big stack", so I tried not to scare anybody out.
          Generally speaking, situations where you "don't want to scare anyone out" are few and far between. (e.g. when you flop quads).
          In most situations, you want to bet the greatest amount that you think someone will call. It is generally a bigger mistake to bet small and let someone suck out cheaply, than bet big and take a pot uncontested.
          I often see inexperienced players make tiny bets with AA pre-flop or a flopped set, and then I laugh when I hit a straight/flush to beat them. When you have a strong hand, go for maximum value, knowing that villains are making a big mistake by calling. If you make it cheap, they aren't making a mistake!
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