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Value in Betting the River?

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  • Value in Betting the River?

    Hi guys, this hand comes from an early stage of a rather tight 6-max SNG table. When villain calls my open-raise, I put him on small/middle pocket pairs, and maybe AJ, KQ or so. His call on the flop surprises me, could be a float with overcards. After his call on the turn, however, I feel lost and start considering a set or AA. My small river bet is rubbish and the typical play of someone who cannot decide between checking and betting. It is either check-fold or all-in. Should I have checked the turn, risking a free card? And what would you have done on the river? There aren't many worse hands that would call. Olaf PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 1.5 Tournament, 15/30 Blinds (6 handed) BB (t1680) Hero (UTG) (t1540) MP (t1540) CO (t1535) Button (t1235) SB (t1470) Hero's M: 34.22 Preflop: Hero is UTG with , Hero bets t90, MP calls t90, 4 folds Flop: (t225) , , (2 players) Hero bets t120, MP calls t120 Turn: (t465) (2 players) Hero bets t270, MP calls t270 River: (t1005) (2 players) Hero bets t390, MP calls t390 Total pot: t1785

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    Hey PMBG73PA

    I like the way you played the hand and I think you are giving villain way to much credit. Their are a ton of that hands villain can call our c bet with that we have crushed like 89+ 9 10+, 22+, flush draws, over cards or Ax and thinks he's good/floating.

    I like betting turn because it's likely that villain has some piece of the board or a draw that he can call with. I like your bet sizing on each street.

    So the river card doesn't change much unless villain has 69 or J9 which is unlikely anyway as he called a raise preflop.

    I bet the river too, with just over a pot sized bet left in your stack I would be inclined to shove but betting out the amount you did is fine.

    Maybe it would of been a better idea to bet each street slightly bigger than you did so that we would of had around two thirds of a pot sized bet left to shove all in on the river.

    Don't be so hard on yourself you played the hand fine xD.
    Cheers, Chris.



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