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Did I do anything right here?

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  • Did I do anything right here?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    So it's the PSO Open League tourney there's about 4500 players left, my target is sub 500 to put me in the top 2o00 on the leader board( I need about 40 points) and I've told myself only category 1 hands... so that's the setup... I'm going to attempt to self-analyze this and you better players correct me where I'm wrong... So first off I'm in the small blind and I'm waiting for cat 1 cards so right away I should have folded...lessons forgotten: Poker is all about patience and positional play... That aside I enter the hand and miss the 2 limpers with my opening raise, proper raise should have been $480 which is over 50% of my stack so it should have been a shove if I've decided to open this hand... lesson forgotten: pre-flop play with emphasis on bet sizing... Now I completely miss the flop and like the seasoned professional I am I decide a shove is the way forward...WTF was I thinking?...that is embarrassing... I don't think any of you can help me with this part as it's a personal issue...I've got to learn to keep my head together...I think I shoved out of self-hatred for getting myself into this position in the first place. So any of you other newbs out there this is a classic case of what not to do in a situation like this...learn from my mistakes and I'll try to do the same...

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    It's wasn't played that badly, unlucky missing any hits but thats the way it goes.

    You really should of folded with 3 callers infront you which all had larger stacks to easily see you off this early in the tourney if your goal was the hit sub 500.

    Alternatively to play the hand should been a full shove pre-flop which you would hope would of scared the callers off their hands (i wouldn't be going all in with 10 7 suited) which would given you the win.

    Best of luck next time


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      First hour I only play AA and maybe KK in position. I recently lost points in a game where I was the BB with AK, checked and hit K for top pair (board 35K rainbow), turn gave me trips so I shoved. I got called by QQ, and he hit the Q on the river to boat up.

      Anything can happen, and you need to get to positive points first, then you can start widening your range.

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          Hi Thaitanium64! The goal in the leagues is to last as long as possible, regardless of chip stack, in order to accumulate more and more league points toward the monthly standings. This will become more important at the end of a month, than the beginning. The way that I want to go about this is to not take chances and to not be all-in without a premium made hand, unless I know that I will be ahead after all 5 cards on the board are shown. With AQ from the SB, the determining factor for me would be the play of the button and cutoff. If they are playing tight, then I'm mucking AQ here. If they are playing loose, then I will make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With 2 limpers, I'll raise to 5BB or 400. I flop a gutshot straight draw on a board with a possible flush draw. This is an easy check for me here. The reason is that I have all of ace high. With 3 opps in the hand, someone most likely has a K or 10 and I'm behind.. and I do not want to be putting chips in when I'm behind, especially in a league game. Another thing with league games, I have absolutely no care at all whether or not I'm pot committed. I will not put my chips all-in without a made hand, unless I am blinded in. It is much better to last longer to get more league points by blinding away to nothing, than it is to ever take a chance, especially a -EV play like drawing to a gutshot or to bluff. Not getting the league points could cost me moving up to the premier league OR worse yet... cost me real $$$ from dropping in the monthly standings. Toward the end of the month, mistakes from early exits will also be magnified, as I will lose more and more points for a similar finish as my league score goes up. This can result in a loss, not just of tourney chips, but in prize money for the monthly standings. Due to this, I'm playing extremely tight the first hour or two in these, especially later in the month. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            I take the most passive line here. The fields in the PSO leagues seem to be partly loose fish and partly supernits. I don't like going all in without TPTK+ or overpair, because the fish will call with any pair when I have a draw, and the nits will only call with their monster made hands.
            So in this spot, I'd complete the SB and hope to make top pair on the flop really cheaply. A gutshot and one over is OK, but the pot is multiway, meaning you probably need to make the straight to be sure of dragging the pot. I'd check. If a villain makes it really cheap, I'd peel one off, but most often I'd check-fold.
            I usually get into the top 500 in the PSO freerolls with a VPIP of 7% or less. It seems to me that you can literally wait around for JJ+ and AK if you want to get enough points to finish in the top 2000 at the end of the month. You really don't need to ever risk your stack on a draw.
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              Thanks everyone...I actually think I know what to do I just put that aside for some reason in this hand...But I will take your advice to heart and attempt to stay in line...

              Well actually to prove this and that your advice works...I finally made the top 72 and got the ticket in the Hubble freeroll today...I have been trying for 2 months and finally I buckled down, didn't step out of line once and I made it...

              Feels good.

              Also, sometimes I'm stubborn and egotistical and I'll play a hand on a gut feeling and that is usually where I mess up. I think along the lines of ' nah forget what the teachers say I got to play this one I got a feeling'...but making it to the ticket today by sticking to the teachings and everything I've learned so far, I've proven to myself without a shadow of a doubt that what they teach you in Pokerstars Poker School really does work...

              Never stray from the path...patience and discipline are the way to the money...

              Thank you all...



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