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PSO League, AKs, I raise, villain pushes - call or fold?

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  • PSO League, AKs, I raise, villain pushes - call or fold?

    So the day after my previous posted hand, I run up against an eerily similar situation, but with a few key differences. No read on the villains again this time, but instead of the heavy pre-flop action from the other hand, I get one limper ahead of me, so I make my standard 5BB raise. Guy behind me pushes all-in, and everyone folds back to me. So is this a call or a fold? How does it change if this is a cash tourney instead of PSO League? Also, is there any reason for me to have done something other than the 5BB raise when the action first reached me with one limper?
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    Why are you raising to 5bb when you only have 20bb? When stacks are relatively short, you don't want to commit a quarter of your stack pre-flop unless you've already decided you're going to call a shove.

    Your "standard" raise size should alter during the course of the tournament. Early on, 3bb is fine. In the PSO, I think stacks start at 38bb, so 2.5bb is more typical. When the average stack is between 20-30bb, then a min-plus (2.2bb) or even a minraise might be more appropriate. Obviously you have to add a little more to dissuade the limper from calling.

    Although AKs is a monster hand in most cash games and live tournaments, in a league game it's significantly weaker, as the profitable players are very nitty; only getting their money in with big pairs. If you end up stacking off, there's a small chance that you're dominating AQ/AJ, but more likely you are flipping vs an underpair, or in bad shape against AA/KK.

    To emphasize, your aim in the PSO is survival. You can make a raise here to isolate one player, but you don't want to play a huge pot. You want to see a flop cheaply, but then get out cheaply if you miss, so you still have a stack of 17 or 18bb to play with.
    When the villain in the CO here goes all in for 19bb, he nearly always has QQ+. If your opening raise had been more like 3600, you can fold and never worry about it. After putting in 6k, you almost have to call off the rest due to pot odds. Indeed, the pot lays almost 2:1, so you need to win this pot about third of the time. With AKs, you'll do that against a range of TT+, but the problem is you'll lose two thirds of the time and that's a lot of league points you'll be missing out on. Folding guarantees you move up the ladder to ward bigger points and possibly the money.
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      Hi CanuckMonkey! The first thing I notice here is that the initial raise is way, way too big. In league games I want to be even more conservative than a cash tourney. In a cash tourney or a league game, I'm going to make a standard raise here, which at this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. Due to this, I'll raise to 4200. When the opp behind me shoves, this is a great example of why I don't want to make a larger raise. It's a league game and I do NOT have a made hand, therefore, I need to muck here. I have plenty of chips to last much longer, which will get me many extra league points for the monthly standings. This is more and more important toward the end of the month, as I will lose more points for earlier exits and I will accrue less points for equivalent finishes. I'm doing the same thing in a cash tourney too, regardless of buy-in. I have way too many chips to open-shove and I'm not calling this large of a bet without a made hand. I have a playable stack and will look for a made hand or to be in position. When making preflop raises, I want to use standard raises. 3BB+1BB for each limper until the blinds hit 100/200, then lower to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper, then lower again to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper at 1k/2k blinds. Making too large of open-raises will leak off chips too quickly, giving me an earlier exit in the tourney... or be a bet tell on the strength of my hand. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks guys, this is great advice once again. My brain is expanding rapidly on this stuff--I expect I'll see the results at the tables soon enough.
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