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STT 3regs great hand

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  • STT 3regs great hand

    ok i am confident i made a great play here just posting to hear everyone views as this hand can stir up some debate ok we are 3 handed not too long, both players were on 5 of my tables stats were quite solid 9/9 and stuff i was like 9/6 i think ok so 2 hands prior the medium stack crippled the desperate stack so i then wanted to use this to my advantage and steal from the medium stack until he had nothing left so my plan was to keep the desperate stack a desperate stack and to portect him for as long as possible i doubled him up the previous hand and was willing to do this here and pick up the medium stacks chips he just bet ok now this is where the major thinking came in with the desperate stack all in there is absolutely no hand that the medium stack can call icm wise not even AA so if i shove here im accomplishing 2 things im keeping the desperate stack in as he most likely has me beat and still picking up more chips unfortunately the medium stack was not letting go of his AQ would like to know what u guys think criticism is welcome

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    Hi danan758,

    I like the concept of keeping the short stack around. However I think you are over estimating the beneift in this situation.

    You already have a big lead of 2nd I don't think you benefit enough in trying to squeeze out another 400.

    If the desparate stack was really desparate I don't think he'll be opening very often, and just hoping that you bust the short stack yourself.
    In terms of fold equity, you do have a ton in this case like you say does the guy really waant to call all-in and risk finishing 3rd. But I don't think AA is a fold.
    Because he doesn't want to be in this situation he'll be relatively tight here and AQ is probably a call given how wide you could be. With the short stack allin it would be a very small chance that both you and the short stack beat AQ on the river. And the upside is doubling up and having a real shot at first place by leveling the stacks against you.

    That being said, I think it is a good spot and he probably folds a ton when he doesn't have AQ+. 3 & 4 both likley to be live cards

    Nice Hand

    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      thanks for the feedback

      If the desparate stack was really desparate I don't think he'll be opening very often, and just hoping that you bust the short stack yourself.(he was had 1 small blind)



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