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PSO League, AKs, Heavy Action Pre-flop, What to do?

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  • PSO League, AKs, Heavy Action Pre-flop, What to do?

    So here's the deal. I'm in the PSO Open Skill League tournament, with 10000 entrants, down to about 350 left at the start of this hand. I have no reads on any of the villains at this stage. My table image, if any, is very tight. What would you do, and why?
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    I'm folding.

    AKs is a pretty hand but not something I want in a multi way pot. We aren't struggling with chips at this stage and the more people in a pot the lower our expected win rate is.

    A cash play is probably a call here (can cash players confirm this?) but this is a tourney and a league gme as well and every higher place earns us more points.
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      Thanks Ovalman, good analysis.

      One other question I forgot to mention in the original post: what changes (if any) would you make with different stack sizes?

      Would your decisions change if this was a cash game instead of a PSO League tourney?
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        Hi CanuckMonkey! The one and only goal in the league games is to last longer to accumulate more points for the monthly leaderboards, which is where the real $$ is. To do this, I want to not be taking chances and to not get my chips all-in unless I've got a premium made hand preflop (QQ+) or I'm sure I'll be ahead after all 5 cards are on the board. With AKs, I get a 4X open raise (much larger than a standard raise), then a min 3-bet and a call of the 3-bet. I'm not calling this with an unmade hand here ever in a league. I'm folding almost all pairs here too. AA obviously is a shove, KK is iffy, I'm mucking QQ here. I'm much better off waiting, blinding off to nothing and getting more league points. I'm mucking this here in a cash tourney too. If I was up against 1 opp, I'm shoving in a second, but not into a multiway pot. If I use a top 10% range for the opps (could be MUCH tighter), even if the blinds don't stay, I only win this less than 30% of the time. If the last 2 opps are top 5% hands, I'm even lower. I have about 14BB and should be able to find a better spot to get my chips into, so I'm folding to this action whether it's a league OR a cash tourney. I'd need to have much less chips and be ITM before I'd even consider calling this. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Thanks John, this was very helpful!

          For the curious, I have posted the full hand with results here:

          Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
          I'm mucking this here in a cash tourney too. If I was up against 1 opp, I'm shoving in a second, but not into a multiway pot.
          The bit I've quoted above is, to me, the most useful piece of advice. As you can see in the link above, I did push all-in, and got busted out of the tournament as a result. I obviously want to avoid results-oriented thinking, but this one does seem pretty clear-cut even without knowing how it turned out.

          I think the silver lining in all of this is that even before I pushed, I had a gut feeling that this was the wrong play. My final decision was the "robot" decision, based on the guidelines for the middle phase tournament play--i.e., a Category 2 hand, with a raise in front, leads to a re-raise of four times the previous raise (or a push if this would be more than a third of my stack).

          Upon evaluation, I can see a few things wrong with this reasoning:

          1) We are far beyond the middle phase of the tourney.
          2) Skill League tourneys require different strategy than regular tourneys.
          3) Considering the action in front of me (three players showing a strong interest in playing), AKs is much weaker than it might be otherwise.
          4) Any decision where I ignore my intuition and play "because that's the way the course said to" is a good way to stagnate as a player!
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