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PSO league hand - did I play this all wrong?

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  • PSO league hand - did I play this all wrong?

    what should I have done better? there were quite a lot of people in the pot, so 3x + 1x for each limper was putting me all in and I was getting short stacked. Did I do it all wrong? I clearly seem to not get something about this game
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    Hi EvokeNZ

    Thanks for your post and welcome to Pokerschoolonline.

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    One of our hand analysers will take a look and give you advice.

    Again, welcome and good luck at the tables.


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      Hi EvokeNZ!

      Which player in this are you? I assume you had the aces. Is that correct? Please let me know and I'll give you my opinion (which will surprise you).

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Assuming you're the player in the small blind with aces?

        I have to say in this spot I am loving all these weak limps in front of me. It's a good point to note that the villain who called you was very short and is pretty much getting it in with any 2 cards in this spot (this is good when we have a good hand). And you're quite right 3x + 1x for each limper so an all-in here is a great play in my opinion, especially since it looks a lot like a squeeze. It might be scary to some to go all-in like this thinking you'll get either no calls and lose value, but you still win the pot. Or maybe a lot of calls which mean aces are more likely to be beaten, in this case however the size of the pot goes way up therefor the reward is better when we do win meaning our expected value is still great. So in any case it's great to get it in here, it's the only play you could've and should've made.

        Well played, just unlucky in this case. These things happen sometimes I'm afraid.

        Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

        Bracelet Winner


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          Hi EvokeNZ! When it comes to league games, survival is the only thing that matters. If I last longer, I get more points and if I bust early, I get a point penalty that can cost me $$$ at the end of the month. Due to this, I do not care at all if a bet makes me pot committed, I'm not going to shove and be all-in until I know that my hand will be the best after all 5 cards on the board are shown, if at all possible. With AA (or any other hand that I'm going to raise with), I'm going to make a standard raise (3BB+1BB for each limper at this blind level). I have 5 limpers, so I'll bet 8BB or 640. If this was a cash tourney, on the other hand, I'd shove here in a heartbeat. There, I'm playing to try to get to the top 3 and accumulate chips and due to that, I would shove since I'm pot committed. This one is actually a good example of where the league strategies need to be different from a cash tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            yes I had the AA. Thanks for the feedback. JWK24, think I'm starting to get it now



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