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Reshove on flop w/ top pair

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  • Reshove on flop w/ top pair

    Final 3 people of a MTT. Standard call or could I have gotten away from this? Villain has been very LAGy the whole final table (biggest stack). Didn't have stats. Thanks in advance.

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    5,6 is a nasty hand - you're basically playing it to hit a straight/flush/draw, not top pair. I might call his flop bet and fold the turn if he continues. But once you raise his flop bet, you cannot ever fold to his shove imho... If you consider folding there, you should have folded to begin with.
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      Hey birdayy umbup: With 17 - 18 big blinds we shouldn't be looking to just call his raise regardless of our holding. This is a spot where it's best for us to either shove all in 'as a light reshove' or simply fold. When we call this raise with such a small stack it often leads to awkward post flop situations where we end up getting it all in with mediocre hand praying that villain has air. As played I'm getting it in too. This is about as good as you could ask for with the 56 so definitely going to be trying to get it in on the flop. Versus a LAG opponent then this is a pretty sweet spot to shove it all in pre flop as we expect him to fold a bunch of the time and even if we are called 56s is likely to have a good amount of equity versus his calling range. Cheers, Chris. Folding/Shoving


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        Thanks Chris.

        I thought 18ish BB was a bit deep to reshove given we were quite short, but if that's what your thoughts are i'll keep it in mind next time i'm in a similar situation.

        I guess once i 3bet his bet I was pot committed.

        Thanks again.



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