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PSO Early tight play

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  • PSO Early tight play

    Hi all.

    I'm new to poker tournament play and I've been playing the PSO in the tight way described in the MTT education section. I've done kind of alright usually finishing in the top 25% but I'm making it this far usually with less than 1k chips and then slowly waiting for the blinds to kill me. The reason I have this amount of chips is tight play against nearly 100% of the time at least two aggressive opponents; so I only take through category 1-3 hands (if I can limp with suited connectors 7-J or <10 pairs I take that too, however it's rare I'm not raised so it usually gets folded) betting using the suggested betting sizes and folding if not hitting the flop to any bet. I know I've been unlucky with my aces when I have to all in against 1 opponent because I've never won with them (about 5-6 times)!

    I don't know whether I'm just getting really unlucky but this strategy isn't really working for me and I'd appreciate any advice about how to change my play style so that I have a few more chips at around 3000 players left.
    Thanks, Crusty.

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    Hi Crust,

    Welcome to PSO

    It's the best strategy in any MTT to play tight in the early stages because there will be better opportunities to pick up chips later when players tighten up. It's especially important in the PSO leaderboard format where you need deep runs for points to jump up the leaderboard.
    It's never an incorrect play to shuv with aces and by the sounds of it your strategy is correct so keep it up and the deep runs should come your way

    Hope you enjoy your time here and this helps



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      Hi ads,

      Thanks for the reply, it's given me the drive to stick with the strategy despite it not getting me as far as I'd hoped up until now but surely my luck will change soon .



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