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$0.25 90-Man SNG - Straight Flush Draw with 77

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  • $0.25 90-Man SNG - Straight Flush Draw with 77

    Here's the hand. It's deep in the tourney - last two tables. Almost at the bubble. Villain_7 (who wasn't as big a concern) was playing 38/3 over 32 hands. Villain_9 was a VERY big maniac, who: - Was playing 48/22 over 56 hands - Almost NEVER C-bet, regardless of number of players or board texture - Never folds to c-bets, either That being said, I called his initial raise with 77, despite my shortish stack, because I knew that I might be able to take it down with his wide range. I wasn't expecting Villain_7 to tag along for the ride, though. Should I have shoved in this spot with only 3 players to be eliminated before the money?
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    Hi Christxof,

    Without any reads looking at this spot it is definately a shove or fold spot for me.

    Given the wideness of the open based on your read I think I would be happy shoving here.

    Flat calling I think is pretty risky since we still have the rest of the table to act and we might not be happy to continue unless we hit a good flop and then we're giving up 2 BBs on a 16BB stack, not the end of the world the world but we need a good upside to risk it.

    I think your read is a little mixed up though. If he is really loose and cally I'm not sure on the thought process of being able to take it away from him post flop.

    All up I think this is still a shove preflop. Risky before the bubble yes but the upside is huge picking up a very nice stack to bring to the final table and look for a deep run. I think we definately have alot of fold equity so should pickup the pot preflop alot and the villian could still call us with smaller pairs and A7 of less type hands with only one over card.

    On the flop I think this is probably a fold since our read is opponent doesn't cbet or bluff and our flush draw could be dominated and we could be almost be drawing dead already. I would definately prefer gambling preflop rather than post flop here.

    Gut check time

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      Thanks for the reply, Andy. I should elaborate what I meant - I meant that his range was so wide that I believed I would be able to win the pot even with post-flop play, in that he would call with air.

      But I do believe that your line of thinking makes more sense. Thanks for responding.
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        I'd like to know exactly how short the players on the other table are, as if they're deeper than you then you are more in need of a double up, but in a vacuum, I'm making a tight fold pre here. With 16bb, 3 off the button, my open-shoving range is something like 88+, 2 suited Broadways and AJ+. With someone already in the pot, my range is a little tighter. 77 is too vulnerable to overcards in a flip.
        If you're the 2nd shortest stack of all, then maybe gambling it up is OK, but I'd rather avoid a flip (and possible domination by a higher pair) if possible, as you still have a stack that can survive an orbit or two before getting it in.
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