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25c 45-man SNG Blind Steal Attempt

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  • 25c 45-man SNG Blind Steal Attempt

    Here's a hand from this tournament: Villain_2 was playing 12/6 over 75 hands. Villain_3 was Loose-aggressive, but not the maniac you usually see at these levels - he was playing 27/11 over 49 hands. My own table image was fairly tight, but I had been caught trying to steal once before. I tried to steal again because I had been sitting back for a couple of rounds. One thing to note is that his check-raise shove on the flop took a while - it had dug into his time-bank before he did this. Also, my own call took a while. Although I was worried he might have a bigger queen, I thought that since he had seen me trying to steal before implied that he might be making a move on me with a smaller pair. Was this the correct line of thinking, or should I have let it go?
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    Just fold pre, there will be better spots to steal. As you said, your opponents is pretty loose and you give him a reason to play you off the flop. He's probably defending 90% of the time, you put the ball in his court every time because of his looseness.

    From his perspective he's probably thinking your stealing (which you were) and that's why he defends. You hit lucky but it won't always be like that. Even if I have AKs in this spot I expect him to defend so always be wary of calls like this. He may chase you down with bottom pair.
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      And I like his play BTW, yes he was bluffing but look at the hand from his perspective. I think that's a decent level of thinking well above most in these games. Remember you have 49 hands on him which isn't a big sample. I think this definitely requires a note to watch him in future games.
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        Hi Christxof,

        I don't mind an attempt at a steal in this spot. Villian2 definately a good target and Villan3 not the worst.

        I would definately make the raise smaller though 300 is too big. 250 makes it cheaper and gives us more room to manuever.

        Also another thing to add if we are going to steal in this spot we need to be prepared to CBet once BB calls. As this is also where alot of the profitablility of stealing comes.

        The checkraise is a tricky spot. I think I would normally give credit for a better Q unless I knew the guy was fairly aggressive and would do this with a flush draw also.

        I think your timing tell is a good one however. If he had hit the Q it's probably a fairly easy donk bet or check raise spot for him. And once he checked we would probably have made up his mind to check-raise you and would have done so fairly quickly.

        So summing up this would be a fold for me to preserve my remaining 24BB stack. And would require a good read to swing it the other way, which it sounds like you had.


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