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$3.50 45 man turbo FT

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  • $3.50 45 man turbo FT

    Hello again Just a quick one this time.. shove or fold? Currently 6th in chips, 7 get paid as in standard 45 mans. With blinds effectively at 450/900 QJs is an insta shove for a little under 5bb, but how much should the itm and chips stacks effect this? I am always playing for first so this could be a good spot to shove to steal the blinds? I am considering buying (using store credit) SNGWizard as I believe it has lessons about ICM spots, I definitely need to find thehappy middle between laddering up and going for the win Thanks a lot, any comment are appreciated umbup: Edit: Thought I might add, the table has no 80/0 fish nor reg infested, V5 is the only reg (a pretty good one) and V2 and V3 have loose passive tendencies but that doesnt really effect this situation
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    I don't play turbos, but this looks like a fold to me. There are too many others to act behind you and a few of them have you covered. If any of them call the shove, the best situation you'll be in is a flip, but often you'll have less than 35% equity against hands like AQ, KQ, AJ and JJ+. You have more than double the shortest stack, so I'd just try and cling on... and pray the shorties bust while you survive the blinds. Once you've got a min-cash locked in, then shoving would be fine I think.
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      Hi Barbzz,

      I don't think this is an insta-shove for me. Our position at the table is too early.

      I'm not at all against gambling before the bubble with the view of looking to accumulate chips for a top 3 finish. But with this many players left to act this is a risky spot. As Arty mentions we're in pretty bad shape against all hands that call us and quite a few of the calling hands have us dominated.

      In terms of ICM and thinking about the bubble I don't think it's a huge deal in this situation still two off the money and 7 spots being paid. We should just play the way that gives us maximum chip EV and err a little on the tighter side of that and that's close enough to maximum $EV.

      I think I would fold this spot. But shoving isn't bad by any stretch. Only thing that would sway either way is if people had been playing particulary loose or tight.

      Hope it worked out.

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        Thanks Andy and Arty for the evaluations umbup: I shoved and everyone folded and picked up the blinds, so it worked out perfect The reason I posted it is that I was multitabling and just automatically shoved it as I was clicking through the tables; as soon as I did I realised that there may be shorter stacks (which there was) and that it maybe shouldn't have been a shove, so I marked the hand and had a look over it at the end of the session.. After thinking about it I thought it maybe wasn't so terrible of a shove, but really was unsure as it is a pretty close spot. Something that I have noticed is when I mix buy ins (this session had $7 with $3.50 in it) is that I am usually more aggressive in the lower buy ins, trying to get to the top spots as the min cash doesnt mean much, I think that contributed as well. Tbh I still dont know what I would do if this spot came up again, with the stacks like this, probably tank and time out lol Appreciate the input, cheers guys


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          Villian 2 and 6 are both short and may take a chance in this hand. The only factor I think you have in your favour is other players may think your hand is much stronger. Nice that you won the hand but in this spot you'll usually only get called when your dominated or flipping at the very best. It's probably a long term -ev play.
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