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$8 180 man turbo, A6s in BB

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  • $8 180 man turbo, A6s in BB

    Hey guys I have been very lazy for ages and haven't posted any hands, thought the new year would be a good time to start again This is 2nd hand of a $8 180 man turbo, I had no hands on any of the villains so I assume that they aren't regs as I would have played with them before. A6s in the BB vs a 3x raise and 3 calls, a call to see a flop is standard here closing the action I flop gin and didn't really know what to do; I can lead out but if i get raised by one of them in a 5 way pot they can easily have me beat. I decided to check the flop to see what happens; the pre flop aggressor cbet and gets a caller, I decided to call using the odds to draw to the flush, I didnt want to raise because he probably isnt folding a better ace... Thinking of it now maybe the best play was to check/shove the flop? Once I called the flop bet I don't know if leading out the turn is much good because if I get raised I will have to fold a hand with heaps of equity, so I check/called again hoping to hit the flush, but no bingo My main question is what is the best way to play the hand, (I think it will be changing the flop action?) Any input is welcome and appreciated Cheers, Barbzz umbup:

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    Hey barbzz umbup: Calling pre flop is fine, if the original raiser had no calls behind him then folding would be best. It's pretty standard to check/call imo, it's very likely that somebody has a stronger ace, so the only benefit of leading out would be to lead out small to try and see a cheap turn card, but it is quite likely if that when we lead out small that we would be raised, so I think check calling is best. When the original raiser bets the turn card it's extremely likely that he has a hand that he is prepared to go all the way with. Villain just isn't bluffing in this spot, his continuation bet has been called by two players, yet he continues to bet the turn card, and he bets big. It looks to me that he is protecting a strong Ax hand. If we shove the turn were not getting villain to fold very much of the time especially as he has shown so much strength and that he has invested a lot of his chips into the hand. Check/shoving flop is a high variance play and our hand just screams 'DRAW' all over it when we take that line. The risk reward ratio in check shoving flop is just not good enough to warrant it. Busting out early in any tournament, especially turbo's, is a big leak and we should be shying away from spot's like these in the early stages. You played the hand fine, just because we didn't win the hand it doesn't mean that we didn't play it optimally. Nice hand and good luck at the tables, Chris.


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      Thanks a lot Chris umbup: My main concern with this hand is that I would have played it this way with only the flush draw, I thought I might want to play the hand stronger with the top pair + flush draw, but really in a 5 way pot one pair doesnt really do anything extra for my hand strength, even if I rivered two pair I (well fope) would have folded.. Also if I hit the flush on the river would it have been better to check or just lead out? I think if I lead out it just screams flush after check/calling flop and turn Cheers



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