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$0.25 90-Man NL MTT - Flop Full House

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  • $0.25 90-Man NL MTT - Flop Full House

    This was the second hand of the tournament. Had no reads on anyone. I opted to slowplay the full house here. I think it was the right play, but I know that the trainers here hate when anyone slow plays ever, regardless of hand strength. So what do you think I should have done?
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    Hey Christof... Meh,I don't know that they're ALWAYS against slow-playing a big hand as a rule,but since it's almost always a bad play at the micro-stakes it's easy to see why they come down on the side of "slow play bad" as often as they do,and to be honest I agree with them most every time. THIS hand that you've posted here however...I LIKE your line quite a bit. umbup: Preflop the 4x raise is perfect (3x +1x for the limper). We're not loving that this goes 4 way to the flop as 99 isn't going to play very well in this kind of a spot,but the bigger mistake would be committing too much of our stack to a hand like 99 preflop in the early levels,so IMO you took the optimal line here. Now the point of contention about this hand is mainly going to be your checking the flop. For myself in THIS case I like the check quite a bit. The likely ranges of the other 3 players have most likely missed this flop,or at best hit draws. You'll see so many Ax,Kx,any 2 Broadways,any 2 suited or connected cards in these,especially early,that for all intents and purposes almost any card in the deck hitting the turn is going to lead to some kind of action here. I would never bet this flop bigger than a min-bet and I don't see the value of trying to get the pot building started now as being equal to wanting to keep ALL 3 villains around for the turn card. So again,I like the check. Turn card we're loving and KNOW that if their is a flush out there we're stacking at least one player. We love seeing a raise and then a re-raise in front of us so we're getting the action we want. The one thing you did here that I personally would have done different is that I would have continued to goose the betting by throwing another min-raise into the mix here. We're at least going to get 2 calls and we can maybe even see a flush here think that they have their fish on the hook and just get it in now. Even if we only get 2 calls we've built the pot a little bit bigger to make getting everyone all-in on the river an easier path. River plays itself so nothing really to add there. Cooler for villain 4's KQ flush but villain 3 I would put a huge note on as being a probable fish. Playing K3s to begin with is bad,NOT betting the flop,with a flush draw and 4 way action out there,is terrible and then calling both the turn and river action after the flush draw has almost certainly completed is just plain unintentional chip-dumping. Nice hand. umbup:


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      Hi Christxof,

      I agree completly with everything Moxie has said.

      I don't mind betting on the flop and if you did it would be for half pot or a little less. Betting is ok I think since we have 3 opponents one of them is likely to give us some action if we make it nice and cheap.

      Reason I'm happy with slow playing also, is your hand is so strong the chance of the turn card being bad for us is tiny. More importantly the pot is actually pretty decent already. We don't need 3 streets of betting to get stacks in so we don't probhit ourselves from taking the max from this hand by checking.

      Checking is good for deception meaning people should be more comfortable with their weaker hands now and also a chance for people to improve their hand on the turn without running us down.

      Well Played

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