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Tough spot here ...

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  • Tough spot here ...

    Heey guys, I shipped a The Big 22 tournament few days ago. I didnt feel very comfortable here,because I think the skill level of the poker players were very high and they have more experience in mid stakes than me. The table draw was very aggresive,more agressive than in the micro stakes.A lot of 3 and 4-betting to take a pot down pre-flop etc.I've never seen this before... Pre-flop: I min raised UTG,everyone folded except Venoxero.He was very lagg 33/20 and has a very wide 3betting range of 15.8%.He 3bet me and ofc I expected he will do that.I could do 2 things,4bet or flat.His 3bet range was very wide,so if I 4bet him,he will maybe fold to me.If he is 5 betting me,he might at his top of his range like AK,AA and KK and Im a big underdog or flipping to win this pot.I could also flat,but with Jacks,it's so tricky and tough to play against him and i really dont know what I was going to do in further street and I still dont know what range of hands I play against. So I choose to 4bet,he 5bet me and I thought:He's not giving any credit for the utg raise,so he might at the top of his range.If i fold i still have 19 BB to leverage some fold equity.So at the end,I folded. I was also a little desperate to make into the money,it could gave my bankroll a boost and I just satted for around 2 dollars. Any thoughts??

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    Hey MolaSalo

    Good job on sattying in!

    Against a true 33/20 and a large 3bet % say a sample size of 30+ hands then this is gonna be a 4bet get it in for me.

    It's very unlikely that our opponents are bluffing here especially ones that know what they are doing and have a good understanding of the game.

    Firstly because there isn't a lot of chips to be be won and secondly because we are opening from UTG. Good players know this so if we know that venoxero is a good solid tag then we can expect to be crushed most of the time and flipping some of the time vs AK.

    Against losing wreckless players with high 3bet percentages then it's best to 4bet pre and not fold to a shove. We can 4bet shove it too as the bet size would only be 5x the pot but I prefer 4betting to a similar size which you did just to give him the chance to hang himself.

    33/20 with a 15% 3bet percentage is of course laggy but what it boils down to here is how many hands we have on the guy. If we only have 10 hands on the guy then the 33/20 number can be quite deceiving.

    4bet folding is a mistake, were not deep enough to be able to do that. When we 4bet and fold like we did, we just stuck in 40% of our chips and are left with a shove/fold stack of 18bb's.

    Edit : Another thing to note here is that we are very far away from the money so this shouldn't have an affect on our decision making.

    Interesting spot.... Cheers, Chris.
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