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Was this the correct play or not?

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  • Was this the correct play or not?


    I dont EVER usually make this play but i had around 12k chips 2 hands before this 1 then i lost TT to AJ and lost my stack and seen this spot to shove with a big pot and was wondering if it was the right play or not,

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    4:1 odds is not sufficient to play 96o for all your chips pre-flop. You are almost guaranteed to be up at least one over pair and 2 or more over cards. This means you must hit twice to have a chance of winning and unsuited and 2-gapped is way behind.

    On this actual match-up you only have 11% equity meaning you require 8:1 odds to barely justify being in the pot.

    In a more general situation of being against an over pair, two broadway cards and either a pair and two broadways you have only 14% equity and you require 6:1.

    Next time fold.

    Good decisions!


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      This looks very much like a tilt-play: "Oh, I lost most of my stack so now I'll make an idiotic call with a garbage hand and hope to get lucky."

      In short, it's a terrible play. There are already 4 players in the hand, two of whom are willing to risk everything, when they know they will have to have the best hand to survive. How does 96o fare against that range? Terribly. Just terribly. Just fold and move up a couple of spots on the money ladder while others go busto. Your stack isn't so short that you have to make desperate plays. Don't make a habit of calling all ins, especially with junk. Either be the first one to shove, or get out of the way and let someone else go busto.
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        Hey Choc2010 umbup: I can see why you might be tempted to call but let me reassure you that the best thing to is fold. 96o For your tournament life vs 3 probable villains and maybe 4, we have poor equity. We can fold and still have 7 bb's which isn't great but it's a way better spot to be in than the one you took. Cheers, Chris.



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