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9man SnG, playing flush draw out of position

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  • 9man SnG, playing flush draw out of position

    Hello everyone, This is the kind of a situation I run into very often and I still have not figured out how to play it correctly. If you can help me out and analyse this hand I would be really grateful to you.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    First of all is it even profitable to play hands like J9s in the early stage of an SnG? I usually call in this position because i am getting really nice immediate odds. However, it is sometimes really difficult to play it for me because all you can ever hope for on the flop is some kind of a marginal hand and nobody likes to play marginal hands this early on. I did not have any good reads on the opponents but I could tell that the villain who opened the action from utg was more on the fishy side so i expected his range to be pretty wide even from utg (especially with a min raise). Against a better player I would not consider calling with J9s even for that good of a price. My plan for the hand was just to check call the flop (if the price was good) and reevaluate on the turn. On the turn i had an open ended straight draw, flush draw and 2 overcards so i was feeling very good about my hand even though effectively i had only J high. I decided to donk bet into him for about 40% of the pot to 1) give myself a good price to draw 2) induce a reraise to get it all in. Even against a big pair i had about 35% equity so i would be willing to get it in on the turn. Does this make any sense or how should i proceed in the future? I am really lost in this... Thank you, Tom

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    Hi Tom! With J9s from the BB, while I'm out of position, I will call a min raise from a fishy player and hope to outplay them after the flop. I flop a flush draw and since the opp in position was the one that raised preflop, I wil check to him. The opp bets 1/2 pot and the SB folds, so I need to see if a call makes sense. I have to call 90 into a pot that will be 360 (25%). If only my heart outs are good, I have 9 outs (18% equity), so I'll have to fold. If the J's and 9's would be good too, then I can call the 90 as with 15 outs, my hand is worth 30%. The turn gives me an OESD and a flush draw. I need to have the bets here be about 1/2 pot or less in order to be priced in to draw. Any larger bet would make it a negative play for me to be in the hand. I have two options here as I can either make a smaller bet and hope that I'm not raised, or I can check and see if calling makes sense. If the opp is not aggressive, I'd tend to make a 1/2 pot bet here and try to get the lead in the hand. Unfortunately, I miss on the river and there isn't much I can do here but to give up. I do not want to try to bluff a fishy player early in a tourney, as they're most likely goign to call and I want to save my chips for a better situation. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Good call on the flop, excellent bet on the turn...You took the initiative on the turn, he didn't raise you so you should have made a bet on the river as well of about 250...that was the only mistake for me



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